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Microservices is a architecture pattern which gets big traction these days, used by big players such as Netflix, E-POST, Hypoport or SoundCloud. It is a pattern favored by lean enterprises while it's true power comes in the combination with diverse methods or technologies. Serverless architectures, polyglot languages, polyglot persistence, event sourcing, CQRS, DevOps, reactive applications, multi channel applications , CI/CD are some topics which can be discussed in this context, independent from the programming language. Let's join together on a journey to understand the approach, it's benefits and it's implications by sharing experience from novice to expert.

This Meetup is supported and partnering with the microXchg conference (http://microXchg.io).

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microXchg 2019 – 43 speakers, 2 post-workshops, 5 post-meetups, only 349 EURO

Microxchg.io is a community-organized conference for Microservice & Serverless practitioners. It is about inspiring people, driving mindset and exchanging knowledge with those who are at the forefront of Microservices. We like to share best practices and learn from those who know best. We believe there is a lot to gain in bringing like-minded people together and have a chance to discuss the future of our industry and trade. Because this is a community focused conference, ticket prices are kept​ as low as possible. Right now, you can enjoy this two-day conference for 349€! This year we also offer two great workshops: One on Implementing Domain-Driven Design (IDDD) with Vaughn Vernon and another one on Chaos Engineering with Russ Miles & Benjamin Wilms. Tickets sold via our website but separately. You can find more information about the conference, schedule and can buy your ticket at: http://microxchg.io

microXchg Special Meetup: Quarkus & Helm (Peter Palaga, Reinhard Nägele)

Please keep your RSVP up to date, free spots are always in demand! Get your ticket for www.microxchg.io – 1st & 2nd April 2019 in Berlin with talks by 43 speakers for only 349 EUR! 3rd April+ extra workshops on Chaos Engineering with Russ Miles and Benjamin Wilms, IDDD with Vaughn Vernon. On Tuesday the 2nd of April we are inviting all interested to join our traditional MicroXchg Special Meetup. This time we will have a talk about the just released framework Quarkus by Peter Palaga from Red Hat and a talk on Helm by Reinhard Nägele from codecentric. Both are maintainers/contributors to these fantastic pieces of Open Source Software! We assemble at 18:30 and we start the talk from Peter at 19:00 and continue with Reinhard's talk at 20:00. Afterwards we are looking forward to discussions and socializing while enjoying food and cold beverages. Talk: Quarkus – Supersonic Subatomic Java! Java web application ready to serve requests <20 milliseconds after start and occupying <20 MB of memory? With Hibernate ORM connected to PostgreSQL, RESTEasy, CDI and transactions? Come and see how Quarkus makes all the above possible on top of GraalVM using a new technique called Compile Time Boot. Learn how it eliminates reflection and other runtime costs. This may sound geeky, but Quarkus still offers the first class developer experience: it shields you perfectly from the complexity of GraalVM, there is development mode with instant reload, it is easy for the 80% most common use cases and flexible for the remaining 20%. You do not need to learn new technologies, because Quarkus supports existing best of breed libs and standards, such as Hibernate/JPA, JTA, CDI, JAX-RS, Eclipse MicroProfile and much more! Homepage: www.quarkus.io Twitter: www.twitter.com/QuarkusIO Speaker: Peter Palaga Peter is a Senior engineer at Red Hat Middleware and works also on WildFly Camel and Fuse on EAP. He is the author of srcdeps and contributor to several Maven and Gradle plugins. Twitter: www.twitter.com/ppalaga Blog: http://ppalaga.github.io Talk: Helm – The Better Way to Deploy on Kubernetes! Helm is the official package manager for Kubernetes. This session introduces Helm and illustrates its advantages over “kubectl” with plain Kubernetes manifests. We will learn about its architecture and features, such as lifecycle management, parameterizability using Go templating, chart dependencies, etc. Demos will explain how all the bits and pieces work together. Besides, an outlook on the upcoming Helm 3 major release will be provided as well as tips and tricks for testing and hosting Helm charts. Homepage: www.helm.sh Twitter: www.twitter.com/helmpack Speaker: Reinhard Nägele Reinhard is a Senior IT Consultant at codecentric's Munich office. He has more than 20 years of Java development experience and also likes doing stuff in Go, Python, or Kotlin. In his projects, he is a strong proponent of automation. In recent years, he has gained substantial knowledge in infrastructure topics around Maven, Git, Jenkins, Docker, and has also spread his knowledge in trainings. Reinhard enjoys contributing to open-source projects. He is a Helm org and charts maintainer and the author of the chart-testing tool. Twitter: www.twitter.com/unguiculus

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