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Software Memories and Simulated Machines

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On Tuesday the 19. May we are inviting all interested to join a talk about Microservices by William Louth from Autoletics.

We assemble at 18:30 pm and the talk "Software Memories and Simulated Machines" starts at 19:00 pm until 20:00 pm.

Afterwards we are looking forward to discussions and socializing while enjoying food and cold beverages.

Location is tba.


In this talk a vision is presented for the future of large scale distributed software development and deployment that is based on mirrored simulation of software execution behaviour (motion) and its environment (state) for reinterpretation and augmentation across space and time. When fully realized across multiple languages and platforms this vision has the potential to be one of the most significant advances in the engineering of software systems.

The talk will touch on the following topics which have inspired this approach:

• activity theory

• mirror neurons and simulated embodiment

• simulation theory (and the matrix)

• multiverses

• episodic memories and dreams

as well as indirectly:

• discrete event simulation

• actor programming model

• supervision and control

• signals and boundaries

This talk offers a model of human and software understanding based on activities actioned by actors within an environment supporting observation and perception of such acts including the situational context surrounding them, both before and after. The model is used to capture software behavior that is then streamed and mirrored into a Machine Matrix in which extensions, adaptations and augmentations are applied post execution as playback of behavior is simulated across 1000s of threads and processes.


A renowned software engineer with expertise in self adaptive software runtimes, adaptive control, self-regulation, resilience engineering, software simulation & mirroring as well as performance measurement and optimization.

- Pioneered the application of activity based metering & costing in the monitoring and management of applications, runtimes and platforms.
- Developed the first adaptive multi-strategy based dynamic metering solution that addressed the many challenges in measuring the performance of low latency applications in particular gaming and trading platforms.
- Designed the first application level quality of service (QoS) solution beautifully unifying activity metering, execution control and resource management into a cohesive model and runtime.
- Inspired the engineering of self adaptive software applications and libraries with the introduction of a Signals runtime technology that enables software to expose key behavioral signals, within a bounded conversational context, which in turned could be used to self regulate and adapt future service request processing behavior.
- The Architect of "The Matrix for Machines" - a scalable discrete event simulation engine that replays, in near real-time, the execution behavior and resource consumption of metered activities across an entire infrastructure of instrumented application runtimes within a single simulated runtime.

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