Clair, Prometheus and Datawire

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Join us for a microservices triple header!

Jake Moshenko, Product Manager at CoreOS (, and Quentin Machu, Software Engineer at CoreOS, will join us to discuss Clair (, an open-source project for the static analysis of vulnerabilities in appc and docker containers.

Brian Brazil, Founder at Robust Perception (, will join us all the way from Ireland to discuss Prometheus (, an open-source service monitoring system and time series database.

Brian Kelly, VP Engineering at Datawire (, will join us to discuss questions to be answered before creating a new microservice.

Thanks to Jake, Quentin and Brian x 2 for sharing their time and expertise and thanks to ThoughtWorks for hosting!

Container Vulnerability Analysis with Clair:

Vulnerability data is continuously imported from a known set of sources and correlated with the indexed contents of container images in order to produce lists of vulnerabilities that threaten a container. When vulnerability data changes upstream, the previous state and new state of the vulnerability along with the images they affect can be sent via webhook to a configured endpoint. All major components can be customized programmatically at compile-time without forking the project.

Our goal is to enable a more transparent view of the security of container-based infrastructure. Thus, the project was named Clair after the French term which translates to clear, bright, transparent.

Microservice Monitoring with Prometheus:

Prometheus is a next-generation monitoring system designed for microservices. This talk will look at what's the best way to monitor your microservices, which metrics you should care about, how to have useful alerts and how Prometheus empowers you to do things the right way.

10 Questions to Answer Before Creating a New Microservice:

Microservices might appear simple on the surface, but there’s more to creating them than just launching some code running in a container and serving HTTP requests from it. This talk will cover 10 important questions that you should answer about any new microservice before development begins on it – and certainly before it gets deployed into production.

Speaker Bios:

Jake Moshenko is the product manager for the Quay container registry at CoreOS, a Linux distribution with containers as a first-class citizen and software distribution channel. Formerly of Google, Amazon, and Boeing, he has been building robust distributed systems for over 10 years.

Quentin Machu is an engineer on the Quay team at CoreOS. In addition to working on the Quay team at CoreOS, he is a maintainer of the Clair open source project, which scans containers for vulnerabilities. He is passionate about software engineering and distributed systems. Quentin completed an award-winning OpenStack project as part of his master’s in computer engineering.

Brian Brazil is a Irish core developer of Prometheus. He has over 10 years experience managing and monitoring large-scale systems at companies such as Google. He now uses his skills to help organisations get the most out their systems and staff.

Brian Kelly is VP Engineering at Datawire, a company creating open source tools for building resilient microservices. Brian has spent over 20 years building software for technology companies. Prior to joining DataWire, he was VP of Engineering at TimeTrade, where he led their transformation from a monolithic to microservice-based architecture. He began his career with IONA Technologies, and managed the development of the Orbix middleware product, the world's most successful CORBA implementation. Later at Progress Software, he managed the development of the Sonic C++/.NET high-performance messaging and integration products, and was involved in the development of the AMQP messaging standard.