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What we’re about

Austin's Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) meetup! 

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Join other Cloud Natives in sharing of experiences of balancing speed of development and resiliency of operating continuously delivered software and on modern infrastructure.

Tools and techniques emerged to facilitate delivery - cloud and container infrastructure. This infrastructure is a means to an end - running cloud-native applications at-scale, delivering incremental value as a service.

Without proper architecture, organizational structure, knowledge and wielding of best practices teams are ill-poised for success.  This meetup aims to address these technologies and an approach to deploying, building, deploying, operating and sustaining microservices and their infrastructure. Topics include:

• Microservices architecture and patterns
• Service meshes and api gateways 
• Container orchestration and infrastructure  (e.g. Kubernetes) 
• Clouds and managed services
 Monitoring and deployment technologies for cloud native applications 

We talk about these and more:

• Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, Containerd, Linuxkit, Notary, TUF, Jaeger, Istio, Meshery, Linkerd, Envoy, Open Policy Agent, Telescope, and so on.

We are working with multiple organizations for content and venue. We try to accommodate a schedule that fits best for the members, please feel free to recommend ideas.