Natural Language Processing with Python on Azure (Part 4 of 5 Part Series)

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In this set of 5 sessions we will work learn about Natural Language Processing in Python. We will go with a mix of online and in-person sessions. I will setup slack/teams channel so you can post your questions as well. We will also have a Kaggle competition so you can apply what you have learnt into practice and compete with your fellow participants. Expect to read some papers as well. Participate if you can attend all the 5 sessions.

We will start from the very basics of NLP and go all the way advanced state of the art NLP with Microsoft's MT-DNN, Google's BERT and the current champion XLNet. We will go over the relevant Azure Cognitive services that should get you additional help to get your models into production.

I will expect that you will have familiarity with Python coding. As we get into deep learning architectures, we will use PyTorch, which I will explain the intricacies as we get into the specifics.
Do get your laptop along for the in-person sessions.