Conversational AI - Part 2 of 8

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Chatbots are intelligent assistants that are the new industry standard to respond to routine user queries and save on time and resources. But ease of conversations with human users and understanding natural language demands different type of Artificial Intelligence. This is where Microsoft Conversational AI services come into picture. Conversational AI is the next user interface (UI) wave in computing. We will understand the basic principles of bots that are capable of learning how to understand and interact with us.

In this series of 8 Conversational AI lectures, we will explore in detail each of the cognitive services to build a basic bot and then gradually keep on adding layers of intelligence to impart personality to it to make it more human. Please see the list below to see what will be covered in each session:

Session 2: Build a basic bot and run it using the bot emulator. Add language recognition with LUIS (Language understanding and integration Services). If you want to do hands on, please have Visual Studio 2017, bot builder framework and bot builder VSIX templates installed. For reference please see

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