Solving real problems with Machine Learning + Continuous Integration for BI


--- Reminder ---
Are you attending in person in Mechelen?
Leave a comment below stating you'll be there so enough food can be ordered.

--- Agenda ---
• 18:00 - 18:30 - Arrivals, food & drinks (sponsored by Ordina)
• 18:30 - 19:25 - Implementing Continuous Integration for BI using VSTS (a course)
• 19:25 - 19:30 - Short break
• 19:30 - 20:15 - Solving Real World Problems by developing simple Machine Learning models
• 20:15 - ??:?? - Drinks, discussions and fun

--- Session 1 ---
* Implementing Continuous Integration for BI using VSTS (a course) *
In this session, we’ll look at how to use Visual Studio Team Services to implement Continuous Integration for Microsoft BI projects. We’ll have a quick overview of the structure of VSTS, then dive in to set up the “build” and “release” stages for SQL Server, SSIS and SSAS projects. When time permits, we’ll also have a look at using structured and automated testing within VSTS. The patterns used in this session can easily be extended to other project types as well.

Speaker: Koos van Strien
Koos van Strien (31) is Business Intelligence trainer, coach and consultant living in Hilversum (The Netherlands). Keeps an eye or two on Data Engineering, Analytics and other over-hyped coolness. BI architect, full-stack lead dev, MCT alumnus. Loves automation: ETL generation, automated tests and automated coffee-serving drones. Recently he has been busy doing cloud stuff (mainly Azure). That’s a good thing, as far as he’s concerned.

--- Session 2 ---
* Solving Real World Problems by developing simple Machine Learning models *

Machine Learning is everywhere but great data scientists are still a rare sight.
Luckily, it's become easier than ever to get started, even without a PhD.
I love combining different aspects of computer science to get results, so i took a Coursera course to learn Machine Learning.
And the results I was able to get after 6 months are amazing!
I'll be showcasing Real Time hand writing recognition through computer vision.
On top of that, I'll explain how you too can build this from scratch!
So, if you too have been wondering how you can develop and apply Machine Learning models without having a PhD, this is the right session for you!

Speaker: Akshay Bahadur (
Working professional who has been researching on machine learning for about a year now.
I like to combine different aspects of computer science and derive results.
Making a dent in the universe