[WAW] Azure Serverless Community Workshop


Serverless architecture has changed our approach to software development. Imagine that you can build an application. Then deploy it and can scale it up without any server managing task. It sounds like a dream, but with the Serverless approach, this idea is possible.
However, can you do it correctly? You can find much information that is describing what you can gain with this approach and how easy is to build the Serverless application. It is not always right. In most cases, you need to consider a lot of different elements, and it makes developing Serverless application more complicated.

What we'll do
During this workshop, you will learn how to use Azure platform to build backend of your application using Microsoft Azure Serverless components. Moreover, you will help entrepreneur that would like to settle a new business. You as a technical person will need to help him and provide a prototype of solution that will verify his idea. Then you will need to refactor it to the final solution.
Through different examples, you will explore Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Event Grid and some other Azure components. You will discover how it is easy to build and integrate your applications. Finally, you will learn how to build, deploy, manage and monitor your application. Together with examples, Michal will point out main pros and cons of the used platform. This talk will help you in deciding whether you should use Serverless approach.
After this workshop, you will know the most important Serverless components that are in Microsoft Azure, and you should be able to design and develop this type of applications.

What to bring
Please remember! This is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) event. You will need to bring your laptops and install software that we will be required during workshops: https://www.jankowskimichal.pl/en/serverless-azure-environment-preparation/

Workshop lead by
Michał Jankowski - an architect, designer and sometimes a developer. He began programming over twenty years ago starting from Basic and Assembler for 8-bit computers. For over ten years, he has been creating applications working on a .NET platform for the world’s largest companies. Currently, he is specializing in the development of web applications and Azure environment.
A great enthusiast of software craftsmanship, unit testing, software design and other topics related to software development.

Jakub Gutkowski - Microsoft MVP - Dad, husband, blogger, developer, geek. Founder of devWarsztaty – free workshops, for anyone who is willing to learn and practice software craftsmanship. Creator of first polish .NET Blogs aggregator – .NET Blogs PL. Loves to play with novelties, learn new languages and libraries, avid conference attendee, passionate about meeting new people, always willing to help.
Truly believes, that what he does, changes the world and helps others.

Michal Furmankiewicz works at Microsoft as a Cloud Solutions Architect with clients from the financial sector. Last 9 years he spent working as a productivity consultant and subsequently as an architect for the financial industry. During his career, he was responsible for some of the biggest projects on a private cloud in East-Central Europe. Michal’s passions are new technologies and their application for business. He views the cloud, as a tool, which can help transform the company. After hours he is eager to share his knowledge with others at conferences, meetings and through his blog. Author of the blog: https://architektwchmurze.pl