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Data Lake w/ U-SQL by Helge Gårdsvoll & Azure Stream Analytics by Johan Brattås

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We are very proud to say that Norway has three speakers at this year's PASS Summit. This is the first of two meetings where they will present their Summit sessions for us before they go to Seattle. Johan and Helge are here today and Cathrine will present her session at the meeting Oct. 17.. We will also raffle out some swag and maybe serve something other than pizza for once!

Make your Data Lake Smarter with U-SQL Extensions with Helge Rege Gårdsvoll

So, you have a data lake with a lot of data. Maybe you have made some U-SQL scripts to batch process some structured data as well? But what to do with the rest? The data lake can store images and text files, but can you make any use of it? This session will show how you make your data lake smarter by utilizing various extensions with three examples: (1) Spatial analysis of geographical data, with complex JSON sources and some C#, (2) Cognitive services for understanding and analyzing images and text and (3) R or Python to perform machine learning at scale.

Don't Cross the Streams! A Closer Look at Azure Stream Analytics with Johan Ludvig Brattås

Azure is ready to receive all your event and device data for storage and analysis. But which options in the Azure message handling portfolio should you use to receive and manage your data? In this session I will explain the different options, take a closer look at how they work and what this means for you. Furthermore, I will take a closer look at the Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) language. You will learn how to develop both simple and complex ASA queries, and how to debug. We will look at the possibilities, limitations and pitfalls in the Azure Stream Analytics language. And finally, look at the different input and output choices and when to use which one. This includes a look at how to build a live stream dashboard with Stream Analytics data in PowerBI. The session is based on real world project experiences and will use real world data in the demos.