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Sitecore Commerce, Sitecore JSS & Image Optimization using Dianoga

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Jen S. and Hatim N.


Hello Everyone,
We are here in to present sessions on Sitecore in collaboration with Sitecore User Group Dubai. The agenda for the event is as follows :

1. Introducing Sitecore Experience Commerce with Azure
Description: Ashish Bansal, Sitecore Technology MVP, will showcase an overview of Sitecore Experience Commerce including the key features and technical architecture of the product. Also will discuss how to get certified on the Sitecore commerce platform with a roadmap.
This session will also showcase the running Sitecore commerce platform with Microsoft Azure PaaS.
The audience will gain a good understanding of Sitecore XP Commerce product and its key benefits and architecture.
Speaker : Ashish Bansal

2. Headless CMS with Sitecore JSS
The headless CMS space has gained a grip in modern years, leading to the revitalize excitement around a content management model that can help brands handle the endless number of emerging devices and channels.
In this session, we will see how to build a Headless application using Sitecore JSS. It's architecture and integration with Sitecore. Different modes of creating an application and Step by Step guide for Sitecore JSS application.
Speaker : Nikki Punjabi

3. Image optimization with Dianoga and ImageMagic in Sitecore
Improve Your Sitecore Website Page Load Speed By Utilizing Dianoga With Dianoga.ImageMagick Module
Speaker : Nilesh Thakkar

Please register in the link below to guarantee a spot!

Emirates Towers
Sheikh Zayed Rd - Trade Centre - Trade Centre 2 · إمارة دبيّ
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