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TypeScript - An Introduction - Mitch Gordon

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Mitch Gordon
Mitch is a Senior Consultant with Magenic Technologies. He has been developing web and smart client applications for over a decade and has been working with .Net since Beta. In working with several companies in many different environments, Mitch has seen a lot of different approaches to solving common problems in web development and had been exposed to many best practices and anti-patterns. He has a passion for teaching and sharing from these experiences.

Mitch resides in Adairsville, GA with his wife and children. His other interests include home automation and Jeeps.

TypeScript - An Introduction
TypeScript is a new language from Microsoft that represents a super-set of JavaScript. What TypeScript adds is what was described by Anders Hejlsberg as the "application scale". In this talk, we'll cover how TypeScript brings this power by adding support for:
• Object Oriented concepts such as classes, interfaces, inheritance, encapsulation, etc.
• Support for modules and class-per-file
• Lambda or arrow functions
• strong typing

As yet, TypeScript is a young effort and can be frustrating to work with in some situations. To help smooth over these rough edges, this talk will also cover:
• Getting started
• Manipulating the project files, when needed, to get full TypeScript support when using incorrect or incomplete project templates.
• Adding command line arguments to compiler calls
• debugging tips