OData and Entity Framework 4.1 - Mark Rowe

This is a past event

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Open Data Protocol + Entity Framework.

We will learn how to quickly and easily create a fully functional OData Endpoint using an existing database and class files, quickly easily and securely. As an Integration Developer this seems to be a solid part of our future. Understanding what OData is, what it can do and how much time it can save you and your company will be a part of integration in the future.

We will look at:

We will cover EF 4.0, changes to 4.1. and the problem that caused a quick 4.2 release.

What problems are solved?
ObjectContext, DBContext.
Code First, DataFirst
Data Annotations (viewed through MVC4)


Current Web Service Layers
Customizing Post and Gets
Query Interceptors
Change Interceptors


Mark Rowe is a husband and father of 2, Senior Consultant
with Magenic Technologies, and a Virtual Technical Specialist with
Microsoft. Also he holds the position of director of membership, in
charge of relations with over 440 user group across the US and Canada for INETA.
Furthermore he co-founded and sits on the board for the local Atlanta
Microsoft Integration Architects Users group. Mark holds the .net 4 MCPD in Azure, Windows and Web