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Mastering VS Code

Online event

VSCode is a free and an open-source code editor that is extremely flexible, enabling you to use it for almost any technology (JavaScript, C#, Python etc ). This session is to help you get started with VS Code. You might already be using VS Code but there are lot of things most of us are not aware of. We will see how to change the appearance and make our VS code unique and awesome, talk about some productivity tips, version control and more.

Content Level: This workshop is for Beginners as well as for Intermediate audience.

Speaker: Arsalan Dilawar
Arsalan is a computer science junior, and an open-source contributor. He is currently working at MLH Fellowship as a team leads. He is also a GitHub Campus Expert, and a Gold Microsoft Ambassador.

Collaboration and Teamwork for Business Success

Online event

What is this session about?
Business instinct and human nature compel most employees to see their peers as competitors, with everyone fighting for individual recognition and rewards. However, when employees work in harmony, productivity and business results increase exponentially. This session teaches the skills and motivations to build upon and migrate from individual excellence to collaborative and teamwork focused excellence. Learn how organizations can grow, collaborate, and communicate effectively, becoming team focused in attaining company goals.

Who is it aimed at?
The target audience for this session are those who work in a team environment who are working towards team goals and objectives.

Why should I attend?
A rising tide lifts all boats. Come learn the power behind this expression and how shifting the focus from individual excellence to team excellence provides a rewarding experience for everyone.

Speaker info:
Monica Mathijs | COO & Co-Founder | Reach Outstanding
Monica has a passion to help organisations to get the best from their employees whether it is through workshops, coaching programs to delivering leadership programs. Monica has over 19 years of corporate experienced gained from the Financial Services industry and Big Four Consulting firms as a Program and Project Manager.

During her career, Monica has gained insight and experience of business transformation and project delivery across a variety of projects and global locations. Over the last few years, Monica has bridged mentoring and coaching within the workplace and at an individual level to partner with others to achieve their goals and careers. She believes in the power of coaching and leverages tools, techniques and methods to move people towards their goals.

Security Series (2/4) : Unified Endpoint Security with Microsoft Defender

** JOIN LIVE: https://aka.ms/ReactorSecuritySeries **

What is this session about?
This is the second in a four-part series where we will explore various concepts that will help you learn and implement a successful security architecture for your organization. In this session, you will learn about endpoint security vendors and components in the market one for AV (AntiVirus), EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), vulnerability management and scanning, HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention), IDS (Intrusion Detection), IPS (Intrusion Prevention), DLP (Data Loss and Prevention). We will discuss the implementation of a holistic, cloud delivered endpoint security solution that includes risk-based vulnerability management and assessment, attack surface reduction, behavioral based and cloud-powered next generation protection, endpoint detection and response (EDR), automatic investigation and remediation, managed hunting services, rich APIs, and unified security management.

Who is it aimed at?
This workshop is open for anyone who would like to learn about security architecture including Security Operations Center (SOC) Analysts, Security Architects and Engineers.
Why should you attend?
By attending this workshop, you will learn about: 1. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) fundamentals 2. The various Microsoft 365 Defender for endpoint features 3. Endpoint security vendors and components.
Requirements: You will be required to have a basic understanding of cloud computing, along with an understanding of software deployment.

Speaker: Hesham Saad
Hesham Saad is a Sr. Regional Cybersecurity Technical Specialist in Microsoft focusing on SOC operations, Threat management, DFIR, Advanced analytics & SIEM management with more than 13 years of IT & Cyber experiences. (https://ae.linkedin.com/in/hesham-saad-27b81313)

Build AI solutions with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Online event

This webinar is dedicated to Azure Machine Learning – a special platform service in Azure targeted at all Machine Learning tasks, with a range of tools from graphical low code/no code Designer and Automatic ML, to more advanced tools like Hyperdrive for hyperparameter optimization and distributed training. We will give overview of those tools, and consider different usage scenarios of Azure ML, targeted at both novice users and advanced researchers and data scientists.

To start learning Azure ML, in addition to this talk, you may consider reading blog post series, or starting this tutorial on GitHub: https://github.com/CloudAdvocacy/AzureMLStarter

For more details and to register:

Dmitry Soshnikov, Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft
Dmitry is a Microsoft veteran, working for more than 13 years. He started as a Technical Evangelist, and in this role presented on numerous conferences, including twice being on stage with Steve Ballmer. He then worked for 2 years as Software Engineer, helping big European companies to start pilot digital transformation projects based on AI and ML. As a Cloud Developer Advocate, Dmitry focuses on creating educational content and working with academic and research institutions. He is also an Associate Professor at MIPT, HSE and MAI in Moscow, a big fan of functional programming and F#, and a maintainer/primary developer of mPyPl library. In his spare time, Dmitry explores Science Art and Technological Magic.

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