Machine Learning simplified for Developers with ML.NET

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What is this session about?

Do you want to try machine learning, but don't want to invest too much time learning a new programming language or some other complicated API? We'll look at ML from a developer perspective. We'll start by prototyping our solution with the help of ML.NET Model Builder, tweak it with elementary data science knowledge, and finally generate code that we can use in our applications.

Who is it aimed at?

The session is primarily aimed at .NET developers but is also accessible to developers, data scientists and people with technical knowledge.

Why should people attend?

Anyone who wants to get started into machine learning. The first part of the presentation is geared toward technical people while the last part of the demo is geared toward .NET developers but can be followed by non-.NET developers.

Requirements: Visual Studio[masked] (latest version) - Data with a single column that you want to predict (example "Category" for bank transactions) - Excel (optional for data manipulation).

Speaker: Jernej Kavka (JK)

With 10 years of experience in software engineering Jernej has worked on full-stack .NET development, mobile applications, and Microsoft Cognitive Services. He worked on some of Australia's largest corporates with great customer satisfaction.