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While COVID-19 continues to effect daily life, our in-person events are temporarily suspended. All events are now virtual.

Many of our virtual workshops are recorded and then uploaded to our YouTube channel which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/c/MicrosoftReactor/videos (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkm6luGCS3hD25jcEhvRMIA/videos)

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Upcoming events (4+)

Building Your First AI Project

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What is this session about?

As a continuation of our AI Builder series, in this session, we will start building our first AI project. We will apply the frameworks and concepts that we learned in our last session directly to a real AI project. After the session is complete, you should have the confidence and ability to start working on your own projects. There will be some code examples shared in this session so attendees can also follow along if they choose.

Who is aimed at?

Attendees from the last session. Anyone who classifies themselves as ‘technical’ and wants to start working with AI at work or on side projects.

Any pre-requisites

  • Curiosity about AI.
  • Some development experience is a major plus but not required

Speaker Bio

Korey has a passion for both educating and inspiring others on what is possible with AI and how they can use it to build incredible products. He has mentored and guided startups through both the challenges and successes of working with AI. As a Cloud Advocate in the Microsoft Stockholm Reactor, his main goal is to expand AI literacy, support developers, and grow the AI community in Stockholm and beyond.

Azure Terraform May Community Call

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Sick of not having day 0 support with Terraform in Azure? Wish you could migrate existing Azure resources to Terraform? For this month's community call, the Azure Terraform product team will be talking about two of its latest announcements, the AzAPI provider and Azure Terrafy. These two solutions seek to respectively address day 0 support and importing resources in Azure. Please join to give your thoughts and feedback. If you're interested in future community calls, join the community at https://aka.ms/aztfcommunity and let us know what Terraform on Azure topics are important to you.

Who is it aimed at?
Azure Terraform users that need day 0 support for resources and users that import from other tools into Terraform

Why should I attend?
We'd like to engage with the community to help gauge feedback on improvements with the tools.

Mark Gray
Mark is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft and works in the Azure Deployment team. His team’s mission is to ensure that our customers primary interaction with Azure, typically an IaC tool/ language, such as Bicep, ARM Templates and Terraform is consistent, complete, and great. He and his team focus on making sure that Azure customers can be successful with Terraform. He has been working in the management space for his entire career. He started working with Microsoft first party technologies like Group Policy and PowerShell Desired State Configuration and then discovered the wonderful world of open source and has been hooked ever since.

Steven Ma
Steven is a Program Manager for the Deployments team in Microsoft Azure. He graduated from the University of Illinois, where he earned both his Master’s in Computer Science and Bachelor’s in Computer Science & Economics. His goal is to help people do more with Terraform on Azure and help solve the deepest pain points customers face in their current workflow.

Bicep by example | Part 2

Needs a location

What is this session about?
In the previous session (Introduction to Infrastructure as Code with Bicep) we've seen why IaC is important and some basics of the Bicep language. In this session it'll be 90% hands-on on various aspects of Bicep that will help you have more secure and concise templates. We'll cover modules, public module registries, conditions, loops, loading complex content from files & executing logic that ARM templates/Bicep do not support natively.

Who is this session for?
Developers & IT that wants to automate their infrastructure

Why should you attend?
You watched the previous session and/or are ready for a session full of demos and Bicep code. You begin with Bicep and want tips to get efficient, fast.

Stephane Lapointe, Principal cloud architect, GSoft
Stephane has over 25 years of experience with Microsoft technologies. He is working at GSoft (Officevibe et ShareGate) where he’s a Principal Cloud Architect and helps develop the cloud practice.
He is very passionate about everything that touches Microsoft Azure, the DevOps practice and automation of all sorts of things using PowerShell. He is very dedicated to the Montreal MSDEVMTL community where he is a co-organizer for the Azure group. He is also a Microsoft Azure MVP & Advisor.
You can read about Stephane on his blog at https://www.codeisahighway.com/ and on twitter under the handle: @s_lapointe.

Microsoft Security Insights Show Ep. 103

Needs a location

Tune in! Microsoft Security Insights is a weekly podcast that provides information, news, and tips on Microsoft Security Solutions including Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure, and Microsoft 365. We will now deliver one of our sessions as a Live Stream through Microsoft Reactor on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The show is hosted by Edward Walton, Frank Grimberg, Rod Trent, and Brodie Cassell with guest speakers showcasing their security expertise.

Want to learn more about the hosts, their show, and previous discussions? Find show details and past episodes at the podcast's home page: https://microsoftsecurityinsights.com/

In this month's Reactor episode, we are joined by Jing Nghik who will discuss Microsoft Sentinel Design Consideration Flow Chart.

Guest speaker: Jing Nghik, Senior Program Manager
Jing Nghik is a Senior Program Manager with Microsoft focused on Microsoft Sentinel. As a seasoned security professional, he has over a decade of experience covering a wide array of related technologies including DDOS Mitigation, endpoint protection, analytics, disaster recovery, email security, and cyber warfare.
Jing is a veracious learner and constant innovator, continually developing new ways to help educate about the evolving threat landscape. Jing's YouTube channel called "TeachJing" (TeachJing - YouTube) was created for his customers, but has grown into a public facing trove of knowledge for Microsoft Sentinel related topics.
Jing spends his spare time with his wife and two children, Liana (5) and Luna (1).

Edward Walton, Global Black Belt (Security Data Analytics), Microsoft
Edward Walton (CISSP) is a Security, XDR/MDR and Threat GBB with Microsoft Americas with a focus on Microsoft Sentinel, Azure Security and Microsoft Defender

Frank Grimberg, Principal Consultant, Prosoft Systems Intl
Frank Grimberg (GCFA, OSCP, MCT) is a Cybersecurity consultant focused on Microsoft security solutions. He is the courseware author of the Microsoft Official Technical curriculum for the SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst.

Rod Trent, Cloud Security Advocate and Global Microsoft Sentinel SME at Microsoft
Rod Trent is a Cloud Security Advocate for Microsoft and a Microsoft Sentinel global SME. He is a husband, dad, and first-time grandfather. In his spare time (if such a thing does truly exist), you can regularly find him simultaneously watching Six Million Dollar Man TV show episodes and writing KQL queries.

Brodie Cassell, Senior consultant, Microsoft
Brodie Cassell (CISSP) is a Security, Compliance, and Identity consultant with Microsoft Canada.

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