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Join a community of developers and startups at the Microsoft Reactor Redmond and connect with people, skills, and technology to enhance your career or personal learning. Take advantage of free, online workshops, and local meetup events to engage with industry experts and a local tech community who shares your interests.

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Build Skills: Take Your First Steps with Python

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Are you interested in learning how to code with Python? This one-hour workshop will teach you how Python is typically used and how to set up your development environment with Visual Studio Code. You will write your first Python programs and walk away with the resources to continue learning on your own.

Who is this workshop aimed at?

  • Upskilling professionals and students interested in building core, high-demand technical skills.
  • Teachers, CS faculty, STEM volunteers, and Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors whom would like to share or teach this workshop on-campus and online.

More learning / prerequisites:
Python for beginners Learn Module: https://aka.ms/BuildSkills/FirstStepswPython06.27-Learn

About the series
Introducing Build Skills, the new Microsoft Reactor series to help you learn valuable tech skills and discover new career paths. This series of livestream workshops (and available on-demand after) covers foundational skills in coding, data science, web development, devops, and so much more. Taught by Microsoft engineers, students, and community leaders, this is the place to learn by doing, follow at your own pace in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and get your questions answered. Join us today and get the skills you need today for the job roles of tomorrow!

About the speaker
Armando Lacerda
Armando Lacerda is an Azure Data Platform architect and engineer at Microsoft. He has worked as an independent consultant for companies worldwide, helping them implement cloud data transformation pipelines and machine learning solutions. He helps developers integrate and migrate multiple applications to the cloud. As a Microsoft MVP and MCT, you can find him sharing his knowledge and experience of 30+ years in the IT industry in classrooms, user group meetings, and international conferences. In his spare time, he likes to ride his motorcycle up and down highway 1 on California’s north coast. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Build Skills: Computer Vision API y Text Analytics

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Descripción breve:

¿A quién está dirigido este taller?
 Profesionales que deseen ampliar sus aptitudes y alumnos interesados en obtener capacidades técnicas básicas muy demandadas.
 Profesores, equipos de CS, voluntarios STEM y Student Ambassadors de Microsoft Learn con los que desee compartir o impartir este taller, tanto en el campus como en línea.

Más información y requisitos previos:

Acerca de esta serie
Presentamos Build Skills, la nueva serie de Microsoft Reactor que le ayudará a obtener valiosas aptitudes técnicas y descubrir nuevas posibilidades profesionales. En esta serie de talleres en directo (y disponibles después bajo demanda) se tratan aptitudes básicas de programación, ciencia de datos, desarrollo web, DevOps y mucho más. La imparten ingenieros de Microsoft, estudiantes y líderes de la comunidad, y es el lugar indicado para aprender de forma práctica a su propio ritmo en una atmósfera divertida y relajada donde todas sus preguntas obtendrán respuesta. ¡Acompáñenos y obtenga las aptitudes que necesita hoy para las profesiones del mañana!

Acerca del ponente:
Rodrigo Díaz Concha
Arquitecto de soluciones, Gopanza LLC
Rodrigo Díaz Concha es un Arquitecto de soluciones y director regional de Microsoft con más de 22 años de experiencia. Le encantan las tecnologías Azure y .NET, y tiene en su haber más de 30 certificaciones profesionales. Tiene el mérito de ser el autor de los primeros libros sobre Silverlight 5 y Xamarin.Forms en español. Lo encontrará realizando mentorías y formaciones profesionales sobre soluciones en la nube en Solliance. Como autor en LinkedIn Learning, también crea cursos profesionales sobre las tecnologías Azure y .NET, tanto en inglés como en español. Rodrigo es un ponente habitual en eventos sobre tecnología en todo el mundo. Puede seguirlo en LinkedIn y Twitter.

Introduction to Azure Static Web Apps

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In this session, you will learn to deploy your static files to Azure, whether they are an advanced JavaScript Single Page App (SPA) or plain HTML.

Who is it aimed at?
• Web Developers

Why Should I attend?
In this workshop, you'll learn to:
• Use the Azure Static web apps service.
• Deploy a web app to Azure using this service.

Bruno Capuano currently works as a Sr. Cloud Advocate at Microsoft focused on empowering the Toronto area to build awesome things with Azure. Bruno was a Microsoft MVP for 14 years and has over 20 years of experience as a software developer and loves to tinker with electronics. He lives in a small town near Toronto with his wife and two adorable kids.

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Environmental Data Storytelling in Power BI

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The environmental industry is literally drowning in data! Join Alice for an interactive, demo heavy session packed full of Power BI design tips and tricks, where she showcases Power BI story telling techniques using real-world case studies from the environmental industry. Come along for a deep-dive into creating custom maps in Power BI, learn how to create your own interactive infographics, and combine your data with images, icons and animations to bring it to life; and so much more... For a sneak-peak check out this short 2 minute video: https://youtu.be/veUPIfCK_sk

Content Level: Beginner

Who is it aimed at? Anyone who is keen on learning some cool Power BI data visualization techniques, or people working in the environmental industry who are keen to explore innovative ways of visualizing their data.

Why should you attend? To learn some practical design tips and tricks to tell your data story in Power BI, with real-world case studies of environmental management focused reports.

Your Speaker
Alice Drummond is Co-Founder of DiscoverEI, and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and her passion is combining Power BI and graphic design to bring data to life! Drawing on her background in environmental engineering, Alice works collaboratively with government organisations to turn mountains of data into practical, useful, decision-guiding insights, and gets a real buzz from training the next generation of data champions, and is a regular speaker at Power Platform community events and conferences and co-hosts the Power BI for Enviro's monthly meetup. Alice understands the power of combining science and art to tell data stories, and embeds customised animations and infographics in Power BI reports to help bridge the communication gap between scientists and decision makers.

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