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Join a community of developers and startups at the Microsoft Reactor Redmond and connect with people, skills, and technology to enhance your career or personal learning. Take advantage of free, online workshops, and local meetup events to engage with industry experts and a local tech community who shares your interests.

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The 425Show

Online event

Join Christos and JP for their Bi weekly 425Show. Every Monday and Friday at 8AM PT/ 11AM ET The 425 Show: an identity show about more than identity. Speakers: Christos Mastskas, Senior PM, Microsoft Christos Matskas is a software developer, dad, blogger, husband, speaker, and all around geek. He currently works as a Developer Advocate for Microsoft Identity helping developers and teams leverage the power of the identity and cloud. Before joining Microsoft, he was a successful entrepreneur collaborating with companies such as MarkIT, Lockheed Martin and Barclays. He's been building software for over 15 years and he's a passionate Open Source advocate. He contributes regularly to numerous OSS projects and works closely with the developer community to make the space bigger and better. JP Dandison, Principal PM, Microsoft John (or JP, or John Patrick - many wake words, like Alexa) has been building and deploying software for 16 years, focused on cloud since 2010. Before Microsoft, he worked as an enterprise developer, then launched a completely cloud-native start-up, which was awarded patents for cloud-based tech. Since coming to Microsoft, he has worked to help developers focus on building software that matters and transforming their businesses with cloud and modern identity. Currently, he works as a PM in developer advocacy in the Microsoft Identity Division.

MSLearn D&I Series: Introduction to Disability and Accessibility

Microsoft's mission is deeply inclusive: to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. We expect each of us—no matter what our level, role or function is—to play an active role in creating environments where people of a diverse range of backgrounds are excited to bring all of who they are and do their best work. One way we're staying committed to learning more about diversity and inclusion is through MS Learn: an easy and accessible way to learn about products, technology, and services through interactive e-learning. Upon completion of modules and learning paths, individuals receive badges and trophies for LinkedIn, or apply to be professionally certified - currently free until Dec 31, 2020). 🏆🥇 ⚡ Join us on a casual and lighthearted weekly series to be certified as a diversity and inclusion practitioner in your personal and professional lives – we'll walk through the MSLearn modules on accessibility, inclusion, and design-thinking, and earn badges together as a group over lunch 🌈 _______________________ What is this session about? This module presents the core ideas and definitions needed to understand accessibility concepts. You will learn what accessibility means, how to be respectful and inclusive of people of all abilities, and why it's important for technology and materials to be accessible to everyone. This module is a part of the Accessibility Fundamentals Learning Path qualification. Who is it aimed at? Anyone and everyone! Why should I attend? • Learn what the concepts of accessibility, disability, and inclusion mean. • Explore appropriate disability, language and etiquette when communicating with and about people with disabilities. MSLearn track: https://aka.ms/IntrotoAccessibility-2

All Around Azure A Developer's Guide to IOT

Online event

Learn how to develop real-world Internet of Things solutions built with Microsoft Azure services from experts from around the world. In this single-day event, we will cover topics ranging from IoT device connectivity, IoT data communication strategies, use of artificial intelligence at the edge, data processing considerations for IoT data, and IoT solutioning based on the Azure IoT reference architecture. At the end of this event, you will have the knowledge to begin your journey to become a certified Azure IoT Developer! For more details and to register: https://aka.ms/AllAroundAzureAmericas

Use Machine Learning to Predict Rocket Delays | Learn With Dr. G

Machine Learning is a Data Scientist's best friend. With the right data it can predict trends and provide clear solutions to complex problems. In this session, Sarah (Dr. G) will use data about the weather to predict where there will be rocket launch delays in the future. We'll learn how to analyze and prepare weather data, collect and manipulate it so we can get clear and accurate predictions and then build and test a machine learning model to help identify when is a good time to blast off into space. This session is for learners who are new to machine learning. Learning to code is full of AHA moments, failing forward, clarity, confusion, and everything in between. And learning how data plays a role is the code we write adds another layer of excitement. Sarah (Dr. G) has dedicated her professional career to not only learning new things, but also learning how people learn new things. While earning her PhD in computer science, she focused on building curriculum and tools to help novices of all ages take their first steps on their personal coding journey. Along the way, she’s taught thousands of children, career changers, teachers, and university professors how to code, and more importantly, about the two most important pieces to success: perseverance and community. Join Dr. G on our collaborative journey through code, data science, and machine learning and become a part of that community! With the power of Visual Studio Code, Azure, and some creative fun you can test your own persistence, learn something new, and likely teach something too! Presenter: Sarah Guthals, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

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