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Flexible Integration Model With Serverless

Online event

In this session, Nelly will walk you through the integration of various services in Azure using Azure Functions at the core of the solution. She will demonstrate how you can easily transition from your local development environment to production and how Azure Function's programming model simplifies your development process. A fun interactive demo will also be available for those attending! Join us here: https://aka.ms/FlexibleIntegrationModelWithServerless Tech Lead & Developer / Microsoft Azure MVP What fascinates us, engages us and what engages us, helps us to learn. Stories told with enthusiasm build connections. They build trust and help us interact with greater engagement and creativity for stronger technical solutions. Nelly Sattari loves problem-solving and is passionate about driving minds to engage with technology. She is a computer engineer and Tech lead developer based in Sydney, Australia and has spent her entire career involved in the IT industry. Her focus is modern web applications, and she is indebted to her full stack development background and the knowledge she gained there. This experience led her to being awarded the Microsoft Azure MVP (Most Valuable Professional). Inclusive, local IT communities are her favourite playground and where she facilitates knowledge-sharing platforms, supports user groups and nurtures beginner expertise, while steering clear of buzzwords for a more practical and tangible approach. Come and join Nelly in an armchair-like, story focused conversation to unpack familiar, yet often undiscussed, problems that will unveil new and thought-provoking solutions. @nelly_sattari linkedin.com/in/nsattari

MFS Series: How to build & maintain a startup culture as you scale your company?

** A special event from our Reactor Tel Aviv ** As you scale your startup, the company culture is very easy to ignore. Nevertheless, this is repeatedly being flag as one of the most critical attribute with successful startups, all of them heavily invested in creating a culture that grouped the team together scale, succeed, and overcame some of the critical milestones in the startup lifecycle. In this session we will review why company culture is so critical, diving deeper into several examples and go over practical use cases on how to use culture as the company compass. Speaker: Raz Bachar, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startup

Learn with Dr. G: Predicting Meteor Showers using Python and Visual Studio Code

Welcome to a special episode of Learn with Dr G! We have just launched three new modules inspired by the new Netflix Original Film, Over the Moon! (link here please: https://www.netflix.com/title/80214236) In the new Netflix Original Over the Moon, Fei Fei builds a rocket to fly to the Moon to meet the Moon Goddess Chang’e. It is said that when Chang’e cries, her tears are the shooting starts we see in our night sky. This inspired Dr G to deep dive into what meteor showers actually are and how they are predicted. Join this live stream as Dr G explores how data science plays a role in predicting celestial events, and even brings in a little magic from the film to predict when we could have seen the meteor shower caused by Chang’e from Fei Fei’s visit. No coding experience is required to get started! Be sure to look out for more Learn with Dr G episodes as she dives deeper into each of these and demo the code, walk you through the thought process, and unlock discoveries about space exploration. You can follow along with the free Microsoft Learn lessons at https://aka.ms/LearnWithDrG/OverTheMoon Watch the live stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/microsoftdeveloper/

Take your first steps with C#

Online event

The C# programming language offers great productivity, versatility, and is the most powerful programming language for the .NET Framework. If you are interested in becoming a C# programmer, this workshop is a great first step. You’ll start learning the basics of the syntax by writing your first C# code. You’ll then explore how to store and retrieve data in applications and how to perform basic data formatting. You will leave this workshop with an increased knowledge about programming in C# and resources to help you continue your journey. Prerequisites: Prior programming experience is helpful but not required. If you want to follow along, we'll be going through the content in this Microsoft Learn path: https://aka.ms/IntrotoCSharp-2 Speaker: Will Goode Will Goode is a web development educator with a background in engineering. He's passionate about bringing a logical, scientific approach to solving problems, and has an intense curiosity pushing him to learn new and interesting things. His love of modding video games brought him face-to-face with the world of programming and started his journey of learning how to code. Will is proficient in MEAN, Python, Java Spring, Ruby on Rails, and C#. He currently serves as a Lead Instructor for the global technology education company Coding Dojo. Join us here: https://aka.ms/firststeps_Csharp

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