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Upcoming events (4+)

Snyk Live – Golang in VR

Online event

What is the session about?
Golang since its initial release 1.0 in 2012 has gained momentum to be the powerhouse language it is today. With millions of developers around the world using it, Go is used extensively for its containerized portability and scalability, even reaching now as far as the internet of things.

Who is it aimed at?
All skill levels, learners and makers. This is an exploration of personal projects, open source / app security and the Golang language... In VR!

Why should you attend?
We will be joined by Microsoft Cloud Advocate Liam Hampton who will share a bit about his developer origin story and talk about his adventures with Go. From the history of Golang to Liam's TinyGo (Go on Arduino) powered night light demo.
This is a special episode of Snyk Live which will be coming live for the first time from our virtual studio in AltspaceVR.

Speaker bio’s
Liam Hampton
Liam is a Cloud Advocate for Microsoft, UK. He uses his wealth of knowledge to create fun and engaging developer content, blogs, workshops, events and speaking engagements. Liam has previous professional experience as a Software Developer working on and contributing to open source projects, mentoring global teams and leading local developer initiatives. He also holds several professional cloud certifications and was previously part of a team that reached the global finals of IBM Call for Code with an AI project. Liam now focuses his work on DevOps, IoT, serverless compute and containerisation.
Connect with Liam
Twitter & GitHub: @liamchampton
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liam-conroy-hampton/

Connect with Steve
Twitter: @DeveloperSteve
GitHub: @developersteve
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/developersteve/

Create Social Games with PlayFab Social Features

Online event

Finishing up the development of our online game we'll be adding some social features so that players can add friends and have friend based leaderboards that can compare their scores against their friends instead of every player in the game. We'll explore creating a system to add and remove friends using PlayFab's Friend feature and add a custom friend-based leaderboard.

Who is it aimed at? Game developers interested in adding online features to their games.

Why should I attend? You'd like your games players to be able to add or remove friends and compare their high scores with their friends.

Sam Wronski, Regional Cloud Advocate, Microsoft
Sam Wronski is a Regional Cloud Advocate at Microsoft focused on empowering the San Francisco area to build awesome things with Azure. Sam has spent years building applications and tooling powered by containers. He's run the World of Zero channel on YouTube for the past 5 years where he's taught software engineering and game development.

Coding the Next Generation

Online event

The prevalence of technology in the world is growing every day, and with it grows the need for more and more tech savvy engineers to build the tech of the future.

Come along to hear from our next-generation tech experts Isabella (16) and Sam (17) Hogan, about their learning journey with coding and see some of the stuff they built along the way. Get their perspective on what it's like to learn to code in school, and how we can help more students get involved with technology.

We'll be taking questions from the audience, so think about what you want to ask these talented techy teens on the topic of setting the next generation of coders up for success!

Additional Resources here:

Your Speakers

Renee Noble
Renee is the Regional Cloud Advocate for the Sydney Reactor and the Australia region. She's passionate about technology, education, community, and bringing them all together in-person and online.

A self-proclaimed "Jane of all trades", Renee has worked in sectors across tech, outreach, and education. She's worked in ML and web development in the past, dabbles in embedded tech, and is always keen to learn more!

Renee is a passionate women in tech advocate, spending her spare time leading the Girls' Programming Network to support women and girls in tech. She also teaches CS in a high school and runs her own business, ConnectEd Code, working to bring exciting coding opportunities to kids and teachers.

Beside teaching and tech she loves swing dancing, cats, and having a ridiculous number of plants

Sam Hogan
Sam is a 17 year old student doing Year 12 at Bradfield Senior College. He started learning coding Python at around 8 years old, and has been hooked ever since, taking a strong interest in computers and how they work, and learning more languages for school or fun. He has presented at the student showcase for PyconAu twice, and loves to fiddle around with strange projects in his free time.Other than mucking around with computers Sam enjoys excellent socks, hiking and bouldering and is obsessed with music - almost all of it.

Isabella Hogan
Isabella is 16 and going into Year 11 this year at Concord High School. She has been programming since she was 7 years old starting with Python. She aims to do software engineering at the University of Sydney after finishing the HSC. She has some experience with Javascript and Web Development but finds JS challenging. She enjoys art, music, and baking. She likes coding because she feels that it is a very broad field, so she can accomplish a range of projects from machine learning to image manipulation to animated web games.

Introduction to bash

Online event

This session is part of a 4-part series for Intro to Linux on Azure: https://aka.ms/LinuxonAzureSeries1
Session 1 of 4

Bash is the standard shell scripting language for Linux. A shell is a program that commands the operating system to perform actions. Shells like PowerShell and Bash give system administrators the power and precision they need for fine-tuned control of the computers they're responsible for. In this session we’ll cover commands such as ls, cat, and ps. Learn how to redirect input and output, how to find and terminate rogue processes and how to filter Azure CLI output. Once this session is over, you’ll feel more comfortable using a shell to automate your Linux tasks.

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Help! I'm building a serverless monolith!

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