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Data provides valuable insight into user behaviors that drive informed, strategic business decisions. A deeper understanding of data can dramatically expand your skillset — and your career opportunities.

Our panel of local data experts break down the growing field of data by demystifying the difference between data science and data analytics, explaining the importance of data in business and product decisions, and highlighting ways data can advance your career.

Data experts across many industries will candidly discuss:

- First hand advice, tips, and insight on how to successfully break into data

- Various career paths, salary expectations, and future growth opportunities within the field

- What a typical day looks like in a range of industries — from finance, to e-commerce, to health and wellness

Why It Matters?
Data is everywhere, and it affects not only how we run our businesses, but how we live as individuals. Understanding the ways you can leverage data in your personal and professional life can help you find key insights, make smarter decisions, and elevate your career.

How different functions/fields make use of data science
What tools are used
What education is needed to pursue this career
Data science in the real world

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Paul Conyngham

Founder and Director of DSAI, Paul is also a Senior Data Scientist/ Machine Learning Engineer & Director of Core Intelligence Technologies. He has worked for organisations such as Woolies X, WattBlock and Aurecon, while also flexing his serial entrepreneurial spirit by building his own consultancy "Core Intelligence" and more recently he has started a Podcast Series called: The humans of AI.

Monmayuri Ray

Monmayuri is a MLOPs lead , data scientist, researcher specialising in AI at Gitlab in Sydney. She has built creative products to solve challenges for companies in industries as diverse as financial services, healthcare and human capital. Along the way, she has built expertise in Natural Language Processing, scalable feature engineering with healthcare data, chatbot analytics, smart- prosthetics. With a background in Applied Mathematics in Biomedical Engineering, she likes to describe the essence of AI as “low cost prediction” and believes the world needs poets, historians, artists, phsycoanalysts and scientists to unlock the potential of these emerging technologies where one works in making a machine thing like humans and be fortune tellers.

More speakers to come!

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