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Join a community of developers and startups at the Microsoft Reactor Tel Aviv and connect with people, skills, and technology to enhance your career or personal learning. Take advantage of free, in-person presentations, workshops, and local meetup events to engage with industry experts and a local tech community who shares your interests.

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Taking Models to the Next Level with Azure Machine Learning Best Practices

Join us for our regular meetup events at Microsoft Reactor Tel Aviv! Each week our Cloud Advocates and technical friends both from Microsoft and the developer community will be running talks, workshops and mini-hacks on a variety of topics. _______________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE: RSVPing TO THIS PAGE WILL NOT REGISTER YOU FOR THIS EVENT. >>> REGISTER HERE: https://www.microsoftevents.com/profile/form/index.cfm?PKformID=0x8383295abcd <<< _______________________________________________________________________________ What is this session about? In this session, you’ll learn what Automated Machine Learning is and why it’s so powerful, then dive into how to improve on baseline models with Azure Machine Learning using Intel NLP Architect’s ABSA example. Who is it aimed at? It is aimed at developers, data scientists and machine learning engineers looking to train machine learning models for production. Why should you attend? You’ll learn how you can apply Azure Machine Learning to your organization, including low-priority compute instances, distributed training with auto scale, hyperparameter optimization, collaboration, logging, and deployment!

Reinforcement Learning Israel 2nd Meetup

Microsoft Reactor Tel Aviv

PLEASE NOTE: RSVPing TO THIS PAGE WILL NOT REGISTER YOU FOR THIS EVENT. >>> REGISTER HERE: https://www.meetup.com/Reinforcement-Learning-Israel-Meetups/events/266161396/ <<<< _____________________________________________________________________________________ From Atari games to Autonomous Vehicles, Reinforcement Learning (RL) is one of the hottest research topics currently and its popularity is only growing day by day. The purpose of these meetups is to introduce RL to the AI community from both the industry and academia. The meetups include introduction and application talks involving RL. The event is for everyone who's interested to hear more about Reinforcement Learning and its applications, beginners and experienced practitioners alike. The meetup will include a teachable talk and an application talk, so everyone is welcome, beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Schedule: 18:00-18:30 - Gathering with Snacks and Beer 18:30-18:40 - Opening Remarks 18:40-19:25 - Deep RL: Value-Based Methods, Barak Or 19:25-19:30 - A short break 19:30-20:15 - Beating Human in Games with the Alphas, Roi Reshef 20:15-20:30 - Networking

Computer Science In Space

Microsoft Reactor Tel Aviv

PLEASE NOTE: RSVPing TO THIS PAGE WILL NOT REGISTER YOU FOR THIS EVENT. >>> REGISTER HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1E9fT9q_3gl0jqOrCvBsfEEGT_OVNNC5GmlcpHRl3I98/viewform?ts=5dbcbbdd&fbclid=IwAR2f48rj3m_29tqRuOfl7mtzPub7Mwkw7lcmNI7TAmRy7pBE_FubsMjpONk&edit_requested=true <<<< _____________________________________________________________________________________ In this event, you will learn a lot about the Israeli cutting-edge technology of designing high-performance computing for the worldwide space industry. In addition, you'll get very interesting challenges from RamonChips Our guest speaker is going to be Ran Ginosar, Ph.D., the CEO of RamonChips - an Israeli company that is a world leader in high-performance computing in space. Their processors excel in performance-per-Watt, enabling high-end capabilities in small and large satellites. Their dual CPU was used over Beresheet and in several other spacecraft. https://www.ramon-chips.com/

Smart-City Tech Innovation conference 2019

Microsoft Reactor Tel Aviv

PLEASE NOTE: RSVPing TO THIS PAGE WILL NOT REGISTER YOU FOR THIS EVENT. >>> REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/360-city-registration-78861513911 <<<< _____________________________________________________________________________________ We invite you to take part in the Israeli city digital transformation. Come learn all about how to take your city to the future using Microsoft digital technologies for cities. Hear all about the latest innovations from Prodware and Microsoft's experts and learn from cities that embraced the technology of the future and successfully transformed their cities! Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, and AI will give the citizens a 360° integrated and holistic solution and enhance their experiences, sustainability, and resilience, and promote innovation of city services. With an extensive portfolio of solutions, secure and open platform, you can innovate now for the Smart City of tomorrow.

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