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This meetup is meant to provide State and Local Government customers with visibility into events that will provide educational insights for Database Services in the cloud as well as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The topics will span many roles and sessions will be appropriately labeled for the target role that is specific to each session.

Although Microsoft products will be highlighted and utilized (e.g. Azure CosmosDB and CloudML), open source technologies like Python, scikit, TensorFlow, and more will be used to analyzed open and free data available for King County, Seattle, and other cities.

Our next meetup is scheduled for Thursday, June 27, 2019 6:00pm to 7:00pm at the Redmond Public Library Room 2. Paul Mineau from Soul Force LLC will present several projects open to volunteers and geared towards 3rd-12th grade utilizing King County and Seattle open data. He will use Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and Python to answer interesting questions about the government data.

Tutorials can be found on the project website, http://KingCounty.xyz . Arrest analysis is covered. Future tutorials will cover Deep Learning, more data sets, and our survey system.

Volunteers are needed to help analyze the open data and data that we obtain via surveys and government connections. We are providing our analysis to school children who will create magazine articles on a variety of topics for King County magazine, a print and online magazine.

Kids will be working on arrest analysis as well as hate crime analysis where they will design the surveys, and we need dozens of volunteers to put on yellow vests and conduct the surveys in public for the kids. They will issue mitigations and we will re-run the surveys to monitor progress of various programs the kids will design.

Speakers are desired for up coming meetups, you don't need to be a Microsoft employee.

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