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Holiday Displays! Mall, Capitol, Union Sta. Norwegian Trees, & Botanical Gardens
Join Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group for Our 7th Annual National Mall Holiday Displays Galore! Featuring — the National Christmas Tree, Union Station's “Norwegian Christmas” Tree, the U.S. Botanical Gardens’ Annual “Season’s Greetings Celebration,” and the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree! A Newbie Friendly and Easy 4-Mile Sneaker Hike! 🎄The National Christmas Tree The 96th annual National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will be held November 28, 2018. The National Christmas tree tradition began in 1923 when President Calvin Coolidge lit a 48-foot fir tree using 2,500 red, white, and green bulbs to the music of a U.S. Marine Band quartet. Public viewing of this year’s tree runs through the end of the month. 🇳🇴 The 22nd Annual Union Station Norwegian Christmas The 22nd annual Union Station Norwegian Christmas will also be held in early December. The Christmas tree at Union Station is an annual gift from the Royal Norwegian Embassy to the people of Washington, D.C. as a symbol of friendship between the United States and Norway. It also expresses Norway’s gratitude for assistance received from the United States during and after World War II. The 32-foot tree is decorated with U.S. and Norwegian flags, 20,000 lights, and hundreds of custom-made polar bear ornaments. It symbolizes Norway's gratitude for the United States' assistance during and after World War II. This year's celebration highlights Norwegian-U.S. partnership in the polar regions. A poster exhibition, "Norway-USA: Partners in the Polar Regions," by Oslo’s Fram Museum, will be on view near the tree. The tree will remain on display in Union Station's Great Hall throughout December. The U.S. Botanical Gardens’ Annual “Season’s Greetings Celebration” The U.S. Botanical Gardens’ annual “Season’s Greetings” event starts after Thanksgiving and runs through the first of the new year. The event includes things like the Garden Railway model train exhibit and live seasonal music, and is very festively decorated for a fun time for everyone! Music this evening is Russian folk music provided by Samovar. 🇺🇸 The U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree The U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree will be lit in early December. This year’s tree was selected from the Willamette National Forest in Oregon. In addition to providing a 60-85 foot tree, Oregonians will contribute 10,000 handmade ornaments to decorate the tree and a variety of other trees in congressional offices in Washington, DC. Trail Information Activity Type: Hiking Nearby City: Washington, D.C. Length: 3-4 Total miles Trail Type: Point-to-point, or a loop, depending on the weather. While we visit the same sites rain or shine, we have a different route for each. We keep the route more indoors in the case of precipitation. Skill Level: Newbie Friendly and Easy Social Paced Sneaker Hike and is an excellent event for inviting guests who are not yet hikers-grin. Park Entry Fee No park entrance fee. However, bring metro fare for one trip in DC. Gear Suggestions Click Here ( for suggestions regarding what to wear and what not to wear for hiking the trails. Weather Information We hike rain, snow, or shine. Click Here to view the forecast for the area where we will be hiking. Hike Pace This hike is focused on us enjoying the holiday sites together while getting some healthy outdoor exercise on this social sneaker hike. RSVP and Etiquette Policies Click Here ( to review MAHG RSVP policies and etiquette. Carpool Suggestions and Information Note that you are responsible for knowing how to get from carpool locations to the venue. Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group is not responsible for transportation to and from events or carpools. Suggested carpool times and places are provided as a courtesy because many members are either new to the area or unfamiliar with a particular hike or venues location. Please use the 'Comments' section below, or reach out via e-mail to make arrangements for carpooling needs and offerings. If you can drive or want to carpool from additional locations, please post your location and needs in the comment section below.Click Here ( a list of suggested carpool locations complete with directions and other details including other carpool information. For those who need a ride, reach out to the drivers. Make friends, and support the environment — by just offering a ride! Directions to the Trailhead Click Here for Directions ( to Where We Meetup for this Special Holiday Event! Meet & Greet and Sign-In — 5:45-5:55 p.m. The Hike is at 6:00 p.m. Please remember that Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group values fellowship and camaraderie while practicing good hike etiquette ( Leave No Trace ( principles. Our excursions are led by qualified, generous, dedicated MAHG constituents who graciously volunteer (!/) their valuable time to serve on Mid-Atlantic Hiking Groups leadership team. Hikes also have a volunteer “sweeper” to help ensure that no hiker is left behind. MAHG volunteers and members are very supportive, encouraging, with a focus on safety first and foremost while enjoying the excellent camaraderie and benefiting from the many health benefits of hiking and unplugging from the stress of day-to-day life. Sharing what we know and learning from each other is an important part of MAHGs core values, as is our dedication to the conservation of our natural resources and our commitment to the organization's mission ( Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, ( and donations ARE tax deductible ( Tax ID:[masked] ( 🐶A Well-Mannered, Leashed Fido is Welcome on this Hike! 🐕 Let’s have good times and see you there Toby:[masked] • Please Click Here Now ( Help Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group withServing our Mission ( • Donations ( to Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group are Tax Deductible: Tax ID[masked] ( Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charitable organization. • Click Here ( to Learn more about Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group’s Mission. • 100% of Every Dollar Goes Directly to the Expenses of Serving our Mission!!!

Holiday Displays Galore with Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group! National Xmas Tree/Union Stat Tree/Capitol Xmas Tree & Botanical Gardens

Directions: Click the link under “Directions to the Trailhead” located near the end of the event listing. The linked page has location/direction details, driving/parking info, including where to Meetup after you arrive. · , DC


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- Reconnecting People with the Natural World - for the Health of It -

Founded in 2007 by IT executive, Kellie Carlisle, Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group (MAHG) aka Outdoors for Health was inspired by a passion for promoting and providing low cost opportunities for people to get up and outside to connect with the natural world and enjoy the health benefits it provides. Today, our organization has grown to become a very active 23,000+ member strong 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization ( to serving our mission ( of providing education, awareness, and opportunities for people to experience the variety of health benefits provided by spending time outdoors, “just for the health of it!” Our organization has hosted over ~6000 events ranging from 2-mile newbie sneaker social hikes all the way up to 50+ mile one day fully supported hikes, and educational/awareness offerings, paddle trips, and more. So no matter your preference, we have something for you. We are a diverse organization filled with members who enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities including - but not limited to hiking and educational opportunities related to the natural world. MAHG also promotes the importance of being good outdoor stewards through environmental awareness activities.

We enjoy exploring an incredible variety of locations throughout Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia. Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group (MAHG) appreciates Mother Nature’s diversity and the diversity of people.ALL people are welcome and encouraged to join. Whether you are a newbie or a very seasoned outdoor enthusiast, we are sure to have an event for you on our very active and varied calendar.

Our focus is on safety, camaraderie, and having a ton of fun while connecting with the natural world. So a sense of humor is a must with us!

*** WARNING! — Our Calendar ( is VERY Active ALL Four Seasons and Can be Beneficial to Your Health ***

Today’s fast-paced and technologically dominated society can take a toll on a person’s psychological, physical, and emotional well-being. Many people are trapped within an indoor and plugged-in lifestyle that is overwhelming and very stressful. Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group promotes reconnecting people with nature by providing plentiful and varied opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors.

Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group’s activities are a healthy and fun way to relieve stress and “unplug” while enjoying the variety of what Mother Nature has to offer throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Decrease stress - get fitter - get healthier, and get nature empowered, all while knowing you are supporting an important cause with Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group.

Click Here ( information about our current charitable initiatives and programs/studies serving our mission.

• Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group offers many opportunities to give back by helping with maintaining trails throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and hosting in addition to participating in other environmental stewardship and community building events and workshops. Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group offers educational classes and certifications in Leave No Trace outdoor ethics and our own highly regarded Outdoor Leadership Certification program. Additionally, MAHG has an active outreach program to help with educating others regarding the many health benefits of hiking and the importance of taking care of our trails and our overall environment.

• Youth Education and Re-Connecting with the Natural World - We are currently preparing to expand our program that benefits under-represented and inner-city youth by combining connection with nature and education. Our solutions-based approach begins with a full immersion experience of hiking and other fun, unplugged and screen-less outdoor activities. We combine the activities while educating tomorrow's workers regarding the abundant employment opportunities the natural world offers in the booming field of green collar jobs. "For references and more, please visit our main website ( Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group provides opportunities for increased confidence, self-esteem, and hope for a better tomorrow. Today's youth will be the earth's stewards of tomorrow, so it is imperative that they become familiar with the world outside of their screens."

Why Hike with Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group? — As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit public charitable organization (, when you hike with MAHG, you are also helping us with serving our mission to benefit the health of others! Every step you take with MAHG is also a step for recipients of our initiatives and programs. We bring people together to have fun and make friends while enjoying the many health benefits of the great outdoors in a safe and welcoming environment. Hiking not only connects people with the natural world, but it also fosters an appreciation and respect for the environment and overall sense of community. Whether you are looking to lose weight, have never hiked a mile in your life, or are looking to rise to the challenge of hiking 30+ or miles in one day, we have a hike for you, all seasons. Remember, we were all newbies once, and we enjoy introducing others to hiking and other outdoor pursuits - in fact, it is a core part of our mission to reconnect people with the natural world.

Who Can Hike with Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group? — Simply put, you! Whether you are young, old, working, single, in a committed relationship, retired, laid off, shy, talkative, energetic, geeky, lazy, recovering from an injury, social, or a competitive hiker, Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group is for you. We do more than just embracing our diversity — we thrive on it!

When We Hike? — We do it in the morning, afternoon, after work, evening, darkest of night, every weekend day, and all year ‘round and average 20 times a week. Get your mind out of the gutter ‘cause we are talking about hiking, stewardship, and outdoor education here. Seasonally, we offer weekday day hikes in addition to our variety of after work hikes.

Where We Hike? — We hike throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond! We visit Shenandoah National Park, George Washington National Forest, and the Appalachian Trail almost every weekend. We strive to offer at least one easy, moderate, and strenuous hike within 60 miles of Baltimore, DC, and Northern Virginia each weekend day. MAHG hosts cookouts, white water floats, hike out/paddle backs, cave trips, natural water slides hikes, hikes to view frozen waterfalls, Appalachian Trail section hikes, camping trips, volunteer offerings, and last but certainly not least, our very popular Monuments in the Moonlight hikes.

How We Hike — Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group is a mission-driven ( nonprofit charitable organization. Click Here ( to learn about our mission, programs and initiatives, and our accomplishments! We are committed to connecting people with the natural world, community building, giving back/stewardship, and providing educational opportunities. MAHG is a well-established and highly regarding organization well known for its excellent camaraderie — all with safety in mind while emphasizing having fun out on the trails! We limit our hikes to small groups for the comfort and consideration of others and to better enjoy and respect the environment.

We have many partnerships. A sample of a few and how we work with them - as a partner with Leave No Trace ( (LNT), we practice, encourage, and educate others about the importance of practicing proper outdoor ethics and teach LNT certification courses several times every year. Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group is also proud to be a Gold level Alliance Member of the American Hiking Society ( MAHG participates in the "Adopt and Acre" program by adopting land in the Appalachian Mountains to support The Nature Conservancy ( Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group provides volunteer and trail maintenance opportunities and other community-building events throughout the entire Mid-Atlantic Region. Contact our office at 410.480.5000 or see our main website ( for more information regarding our cause and our accomplishments, initiatives, partnerships, and programs.

Our leadership team consists of qualified, dedicated, and very appreciated volunteers who are some of the best in the region!

We hope to see you on the trail soon for great times while enjoying all the health benefits of connecting with the natural world - remember to bring your sense of humor (a must with us) and be prepared to have a ton of fun!

Kellie Carlisle - Founder, MAHGs Board of Directors, and the MAHG Volunteer Leadership Team

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