What we're about

We are a very inclusive distance training group. All ages and paces are welcome. Our members include those who run, run/walk or walk. Some enjoy half-marathons or shorter, while others love marathons or longer. Some like to run on roads and others like to hit the trails. We are small and growing and would love new members to grow with us. There is no cost. Our goal is to encourage each other in meeting our running goals for this year, whatever those may be.

Check out our calendar and join us when you can. Our typical runs include:

Track Tuesdays (Tuesday mornings, LD Bell, Bedford) We run circles on the soft track. Some do speedwork, others don't. Either way, it's always a good workout on a soft surface.

Hilly Thursdays (Thursday mornings, Park Park, Grapevine) We run through the neighborhoods around Parr Park. These are hilly neighborhoods, so it is excellent training. Sometimes people are surprised at how many hills there are in this one area. There is also a trail through the park that is flat if you want to bring a buddy and run in the park instead.

Saturday mornings - we run with The Running Family, the friendliest running group in the state of Texas. The route is different each week, and water stations are provided along the route complete with water, gatorade, wet towels in the summer, and snack items, sometimes freshly-baked by the runner planning that week's route. There are always a couple distance options to choose from with the ability to shorten or lengthen it based on your training plan. Some will run, some walk, and some do run/walk intervals. Many people stay afterward for breakfast and good conversation. All paces are welcome.

We also run on the local trails, join in local races, or get together for pancakes from time to time. We always have fun! Please remember to bring water to any of the runs you join.

Reach out anytime you have any questions.

Kay & John

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Th 5:00am 4-8 miles at the Track

Hurst LD Bell High School

Th 5:00am 4-8 miles at the Track

Hurst LD Bell High School

Tu 5:00am 3-7 hilly miles

Parr Park

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