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If you are a tired of preaching your conspiracy revelations to the deaf, why not meet up and talk with like minded folks who are open to talk about everything from 911 to the Flat Earth. It gets better, the meetups will be in pubs or other social settings so we can loosen our tongues over a few wet ones.
I wanted to start this meetup group so I could find some like-minded souls in my local area... It can be a lonely place out there for people who can see the extent of the tyranny but are surrounded by TV absorbing, news sucking, close minded sheeple. Let's have a beer or 3 and dive head first down the ever deepening rabbit hole.

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The Great No-Holds-Barred Conspiracy Extravaganza

Landlubber Pub

Coronavirus and Other Big Pharma Scams

Lantzville Pub

It’s a Flat World After All

Pipers Pub

Crushing the Fake News with Truth II

Rocking Horse Pub

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