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Agile Coach Retreat in Ann Arbor


This is a whole day retreat where you will be helped, coached, and stretched to learn and practice different coaching techniques, all while learning, teaching, and coaching others to do the same. This retreat will strengthen your agile coaching muscles, and leave you wanting for more.

About the Retreat:

This is your chance to learn and share coaching skills, knowledge and abilities with fellow agile scrum masters, project managers, team members, line managers, leaders, and executives. No matter what our role, title, or past history, we’re all Agile Coaches when we take the Coach’s Stance.

What you will learn:

Your day of retreat is filled with multiple opportunities for shared learning, teaching, mentoring, and coaching that you wouldn’t be able to get from any other similar event.

Who should attend:

This event is geared for agile leaders of all shapes and sizes. You are an agile leader if you find yourself teach, coach, or mentor someone else in your normal day to day work.


Individual Early Bird ticket: $79

Individual tickets after January 6th: $99

Group of 5 Early Bird tickets: $325

Group of 5 tickets after January 6th: $395


CEC’S, CEU’s, PDU’s, etc.

Continuing education credits, units, etc are available. Please see your facilitators for more information.


There are no prerequisites for this retreat. Come with an open mind and wish to learn something new or learn something old new again! (Some previous experience practicing as an agile leader is helpful.)


Here's what people have said about our previous Agile Coach Retreats...

“Open and caring”

“Awesome attitudes.”

”Insightful exercises.”

”Lego Team Session - Good!”

”Role/Technique Formal Practice - Good!”

”Great facilitation.”

”The format and people in the day were great.”

”Do another retreat! workshop!”


301 E. Liberty floor 7 · Ann Arbor, MI