What we're about

A non-commercial social group mostly focusing in fun outdoor adventures around Norway, the home of unprecedented nature and otherworldly landscapes! Short trips / visits to charming cities might also get organized. Please join if you wish to come along in the exploration during day- weekend- or multi-day trips.
The group is based in Trondheim, but you are welcome to join the trips from anywhere else!

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Ice climbing weekend at Drivdalen (new-beginners)


Ice climbing is an art of ascending frozen surfaces and waterfalls, cliffs covered with ice or climbing the Wall to reach Westeros. In the weekend trip we will have the chance of a 2-day (5-6 hours / day)* course for totally beginners at one of the best-known areas for ice climbing in North-Europe: Drivdalen. In the way to the top we will be led by experienced guides, to learn basic ice climbing techniques, assessment of the ice condition and to enjoy safely a new (for many of us) + unforgettable (for all of us) adventure! .
Friday 28 January
17:00 The trip begins on Friday after traveling 2 hours south from Trondheim to reach Oppdal and Driva, a very scenic area and a paradise for winter activities. For the next two days we will accommodate ourselves in a comfortable and cozy cabin (and watch some documentaries with cute ice formations ... Kidding :)
Saturday & Sunday
10-16 Ice climbing course as full-day activity. Transportation to and from the ice with our car. Common dinner in the evenings. Back at Trondheim by Sunday night.

Do I need any climbing experience or to own any equipment?

The good news is you can come totally as "tourist" as the course fits to novices in climbing activities and equipment is provided. However, it's everyone's responsibility to be able to stay warm for 5-6 hours outside in the cold. Please bring stiff hiking / ski / winter boots that fit with crampons.
Estimated cost

Incl. 2 nights cabin accommodation, rented car (transportation from Trondheim), ice climbing course with experience guides. Price excludes expenses for petrol, tolls, meals.

2750 NOK (two day course)
1600 NOK (one day cource)

* Please indicate in the registration form if you prefer to do the course only for 1 day. The registration form is not binding, at least until we book the course for you, and you can opt for the 2-day course later. However, if you decide for a 1 day course, please think if you want to do an alternative activity in the area (hiking / snowshoeing / skiing etc. ). We will discuss a plan for those with 1 free day in the chat later.

The course should have a minimum of 2 ppl to happen. This is also the minimum for the whole trip to happen.

Registration for the trip
Press "Going" and fill this form with your contact details and organizational information:

Early enough cancellation is usually ok but it might incur some costs from the course organizers.

Things to bring
Warm shoes for snow (without spikes), gloves!, comfortable and warm clothes (dress in layers), bed sheets and towel for the cabin, snacks, drinks.

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