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CO-ED Seacliff Beach Loop - from the top of the BIG BIG SET OF STAIRS
We can do a lovely loop around the beach, starting from the top of the stairs, then going to the RV side, then to the Rio Del Mar beach side before going back up. I will not be in a hurry so the walk might be 1 hour or a bit over. Go at your own pace :-)! The walk is co-ed so feel free to drag your favorite male(s) along.

Needs a location

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This is a group for PEOPLE interested in setting aside more time for walks and enjoying the natural beauty of the Mid and South County area. Walks may include beaches such as Seacliff, Rio Del Mar, Hidden Beach, and other relaxing places to visit. I am most familiar with destinations in Aptos but feel free to SUGGEST other locales. All welcome - young, old, straight, queer, etc. Bring your daughter, mom / grandmother / husband / etc! All fitness levels welcome - I am thinking of trying to choose some kind of loops so that if people get tired, or, want to take a break, or would like to go faster, we can rejoin on the return part of the loop.

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