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Have you heard about D&D recently? Want to give it a try?
This may be the group for you!

This is a meetup especially designed to let first time players play in one or more evenings in a well established campaign with a small table of easy going, and relaxed people.

We drink Mountain Dew, we roll dice, and we kill monsters. Then we take their treasure and save the queen! If we don't get eaten by something first...does that sound like fun?

This is a group meant to give first time players a chance to try out Dungeons and Dragons. We're more normal than you think, and we're open minded, easy going, mature to a point and love to have a good time. The game is gaining popularity again, but many times it can be intimidating to try it out. Contact us and come try out a game in a small team. Couples, college students, middle aged dudes. You're all welcome.

To get an idea of the campaign world and what adventures feel like, feel free to visit our website at:


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Campaign start, "A Crimson Shore", Adventure 1

Tom's House

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