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I was playing Battlefield 5 last night and marveling at my terrible kill/death ratio when I thought that this would be more fun with other people, but how to find them...

Once you become a grown-up with kids, having friends who are into gaming is going to be fairly rare for some people, unless you work in a funky tech space with ping-pong tables, a bean bag break-out area and play Rainbow Six in your lunch hour. If you also slightly suck, then playing online with complete strangers can be a little daunting.

So the vague idea is really just to create a friendly and welcoming group of people who are not going to get too serious and completely lose their sh$t at non-optimum performing squad mates, and who want to have fun playing online, make a few friends and maybe even get a little better.

It doesn't have to be Battlefield, it could be anything. Maybe people who sign up to the group could say what they like playing and give their profile names adding [SsB] at the end (for "suck so bad"). We could then friend each and know that we're playing with like minded, less judgmental people and have fun!

I've been playing Battlefield 1 and 5 recently and my Origin profile name is 8bitSilly-SsB

We could then meetup offline and have a few drinks sometime in the new year!

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