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Founded almost 20 years ago, Potomac 'Middle Ages' D&D is made of several groups of more mature folks, mostly in their 30/40s/50s+, that meet regularly to play the Dungeons and Dragons Version 3.5 role-playing game. (This is an old version and is NOT the new Version 5.0 found in bookstores currently. The old V3.5 was very focused on character interdependence with other Party members -- in V3.5 each character was a specialist and a band of players spanning many skill sets were needed to work cooperatively to succeed!)

We're from the Metro Wash DC area (along the Potomac River and I-95), with most delves (sessions) having been held in Northern Virginia (Alexandria, Woodbridge, Stafford, Fredericksburg).

As of April 2022 we are looking to grow GROUP CHARLIE, which is primarily hosted about 10 mins off of I-95 at Fredericksburg (route 3 Central Park).

Each of our Gaming Groups is different, tone set primarily by the location "Host" and the game's "DM" (dungeon master).  We're about having fun and enjoying the game as well as light social chat and occasional adult banter.  Over the years we have developed many good friends and most of us have demanding jobs and families and like a little time off to use another part of our brains (:  .
Our style of play favors character role-playing, hacking and slashing, and character advancement through strategy/puzzle/diplomacy/combat/teamwork experience points (XP) and wealth.
We play only neutral or good characters (no evil) and encourage cooperative, team play. We use the core rulebooks (DMG, PHB, MMs) v3.5 primarily but several groups expand to the entire 3.5 universe.
Check the "Message Board", "Discussions" link using the top menu to see FAQs, Group Rules, or for "narratives" of past games to get a flavor of our adventures.


As of May 2022

GROUP CHARLIE is in its second decade of advanced V3.5 play: Don (aka MajorDeath) is HOSTING in Fredericksburg, VA; DMs are DM Don, DM Burt, and DM Sean as rotated. Bob, DM Wink, and our dearly beloved late friend DM France have been gaming for years across many, many adventures. We' now meet face-to-face in my very large DnD Man-Cave, which can seat 15, with a brief stop for COVID. We usually meet at 7:00pm on alternating FRIDAYS and play until we can't stay awake, usually stopping after midnight but running later by mutual consensus if the action is heavy. We are always on the lookout for newer adult, mature players who are new or old to the game! It's $7 each for a buffet of dinner food (usually chinese) and snacks and drinks are complimentary.

Anyone interested in hosting/DM'ing a new game under our banner should read the "READ ME FIRST" on the bulletin board to understand our core rules and operating norms and then email MajorDeath to get on a wait list/get to a game/delve.

See the "calendar" link above for dates of our delves.
We welcome folks of all skill levels! Click the "Join" (upper right) or zap an email for a test-drive delve or to just lurk on the board.

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