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I work in my studio every day. I'm not open to the public, but I'm open to you. An atelier means you do your own work, while observing the work being done by a professional. I'm enthused about what I do and I hope the environment I work in brings hope and harmony to others.

Artists are coming here on Thursday nights and we paint together and dream together and talk art. I set up a still life. We are not a clique. Every week we hope we'll see a new face.

Being an artist is hard work. It takes practice, diligence and motivation. We network, we build, we continue even when we "don't feel like it". . .and in the end, the work that is done, day in and day out, will have the mark of a "professional."

I love artists. I know how hard it is. I've been an artist all my life. I'm not the best. Sometimes I get so discouraged that I want to sit down and have a good cry and never pick up a brush again. But we are a community and together wonderful things can happen. We just have to believe it.

I can't encourage you if I never meet you. . . and. . .and who are you encouraging?

There are no clique's here - just artists.

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