What we're about

This group is for stroke survivors at all levels of recovery, their families/care-givers, and those in the stroke field that want to volunteer to help (speech, OT, PT therapists, nurses, doctors, home aids, researchers, university students, etc.). Please join because we need you all!! :)

Our main goal is TO GIVE HOPE to the stroke survivors by them meeting others to see that there is life after a stroke! It will make them feel less isolated, and they can even make new friends!

My dad had his stroke this past January 2017 (left brain), so he is having to re-learn to talk, read, and write, and I'm sure he is feeling so terribly isolated. He needs to be around other survivors, and we are very frustrated because of the lack of stroke support (most groups only meet once/month and are sponsored by a hospital). We'd like to meet more often, and even take turns meeting in survivor's homes, if possible (my dad wouldn’t attend the last group mtg because he didn’t want to go back to the hospital to attend it).

There is SO MUCH POTENTIAL TO THIS GROUP! I'm hoping not only to eliminate the stroke survivor's feeling of isolation, and help care-givers, but we can also start an exercise/therapy class- which would cut down on costs (I have a personal trainer that will help), we can look at stroke nutrition, even do outings, and if therapists join (we might be able to get therapies/lessons). Also- it is a place where we can exchange information: for Ex:- what are the best insurance companies for stroke rehab, what is the best sling for the "bad arm", what are some secrets to rehabbing faster, etc.

Taking care of our stroke patients is VERY costly, so this may be an opportunity to do things as a group: sharing therapies, or equipment (Ex: shower seats that are no longer being used), etc.