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Hello! This Meetup is primarily for people who recognise themselves as being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), or are interested in this condition/identity.

To quote the group’s founder: “Existing evidence suggests that the majority of HSPs are: - Introverted.- Highly empathetic.- Moved by the arts.- Observant. - Creative. - Excellent listeners. - Easily overwhelmed. Personally, I identify with all of the above. You might identify with some, or perhaps you identify with other characteristics which I have forgotten for now (sorry!). Anyway, I have decided to create a Meetup for people who identify as a HSP because it is very hard to find other HSPs.”

I myself have no experience of creating or organising Meetups, so it could be useful if some others join in with the organisation of the group. Ideas for group activities include visiting museums and art galleries, hiking, attending local arts events, meditation nights and just meetups where we can chat and support each other. If you have some other ideas, please let us know! For people who are not sure if they are a Highly Sensitive Person, a website that might be helpful is www.hsperson.com (http://www.hsperson.com/).

There you can find more information and books that explain HSPs in more detail. And can also complete self tests to help determine if you are a HSP. Anyway, you are welcome to join our group and get involved one way or another.

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HSP Social

Cherry Red's Cafe Bar

Picnic at Woodgate Valley Park, Birmingham!

Birmingham, Woodgate Valley Country Park

Stroll and Chat on the Malvern Hills :-)


HSP Social

Cherry Red's Cafe Bar

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