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This association is for those interested in real estate investing and entrepreneurship. It provides educational resources and networking for real estate investors in South Carolina. Real estate markets and laws can vary drastically from one state to another. This association is meant to provide information especially relevant to South Carolina real estate via internal focus groups and panel discussions, outside experts to provide new ideas, friendly team investing competitions, and mentoring. All experience levels, from new investors to battle-scarred masters, are welcome.

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Back to Basics #3 - Fishing for Motivated Sellers and Finding Deals

Hyatt Place Columbia/Harbison

December 13, 2021 (Monday)



6:00 PM – Registration, Announcements, Networking, Deal Presentations
6:30 PM – (OPTIONAL SESSION) Affordable Legal Protection With LegalShield
7:15 – 9:00 pm - Creative Real Estate Investing - Back to Basics Part 3 - Fishing for Motivated Sellers and Finding Deals


Hyatt Place Columbia/Harbison
1130 Kinley Rd
Irmo, SC 29063


This is the third in a series of educational meetings that present the basics of creative real estate investing in South Carolina.

At last month's meeting (November), we covered mindset and financial stability needed for safe investing. We discussed our network of people, including family, and how they affect our efforts to succeed as real estate investors.

This month, we'll cover the basics of finding good investor deals by fishing for motivated sellers. Any property can be a good deal as long as the price and/or terms for purchase make it so. It's much easier to get favorable prices and terms when we deal with highly motivated sellers, which is why finding them is so important.

NOTE: This series is meant for new investors and, maybe, intermediate-level investors who wish to build on real estate investing methods they already use. Seasoned/expert-level investors may already know this information so, other than networking, these next meetings may not be for them (although they are welcome to attend).

This series of monthly meetings will teach the basics of creative real estate investing (as learned the hard way).

Speaker Background:

Robert Kim (aka Bob)
Midlands REIA Member Support

Started working in Aiken in November 2001. While working as a research engineer in Aiken, Bob wholesaled his first house and profited a third of his annual engineering salary in about 45 minutes of total real estate work. Bob then went into real estate investing full time.

Bob went on a buying/wholesaling/rehabbing spree from the end of 2005 until the end of 2007 when the effects of The Great Recession started to hit. The effects of this major housing recession handed Bob his a** in a hat so Bob lived very frugally to survive.

After learning how to survive The Great Recession of 2007, Bob rebuilt his portfolio using mainly creative methods and now lives off of the income from his rental units, with the occasional flip, and several mortgage notes. During these years, Bob has learned how the legal system really works in the South Carolina Midlands as it pertains to real estate.

Key point: Bob finally knows how to buy houses with little-to-no personal financial or legal liability. From his years of dealing with Realtors, contractors, attorneys, other investors, living through a major housing recession in 2007, etc., do you think Bob has a thing or two he can teach you in this educational series?

Write down your questions. No questions or topics are off limits (which is why meeting recordings won't be available to the general public).

Past Topics Covered

October 11, 2021: Conventional vs. Creative Real Estate Techniques
November 8, 2021: Preparation for Creative Real Estate Investing - Mindset and Financial Stability


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Back to Basics #2 - Preparation for Creative Real Estate Investing

Hyatt Place Columbia/Harbison

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