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Don't worry, we don't meet at midnight! The title comes from the Woody Allen movie "Midnight in Paris," where Owen Wilson was magically transported back in time to the roaring 20s where the contemporary giants (Hemingway, Picasso, Dali, Gertrude Stein, Cole Porter, T.S. Eliot, F. Scott Fitzgerald etc) in every field (art, literature, music, philosophy, psychology, politics) actually all hung out together, met every Saturday night and discussed the important topics of the day, shared their ideas and perceptions with each other and encouraged and inspired each other to greatness. Can you imagine a group with a membership like that?! That's the type of group we want to have.

Where are all the intellectuals and creative thinkers and philosophers now? Where are the Ben Franklins, Mark Twains, Will Rogers, Albert Einsteins, Susan B. Anthonys, Helen Kellers, and Martin Luther Kings of today who observe and comment on things that matter and challenge us to actually think about something important, or look at our world & universe in a new way? What happened to people of character and conscience that had something meaningful to say and contribute, and were guardians of our moral compass?

Are you starving for meaningful conversation? Are you fed up with 90% of everything on TV being about groups of morons with nothing more to offer than demanding a camera pointing at them because they want to be "famous" or think they can sing, dance, drive, drink, fight, tan, cook, decorate, cut hair, cut down trees, fix cars, live together, get pregnant, lose weight, groom dogs, buy stuff, sell stuff, hoard stuff, bake cupcakes, get tattoos or even grow freaking whiskers????? Seriously??? Who told these people that their meaningless and mundane lives were interesting enough that other people would actually care enough to watch them? Don't you need and want more intellectual stimulation than this???? Why do we even NEED to keep up with someone as pointless and irrelevant as the Kardashians anyway??? How did we come to be in such an intellectual wasteland??

Well, if this crap drives you as insane as it does me, and you have a functioning brain in your head instead of mashed potatoes, then lets start our own group where we talk about things that matter! Hence the title: Midnight in Aurora. This group is for anyone of any faith and belief who does know, or wishes to know more about God and the spiritual life. The group will be guided by the participants' questions, needs and desires. We will discuss anything anybody wants to, including various beliefs in God, what God is really like and how He communicates to us, spirituality, if the Bible is a valid guide to knowing God, reconciling science with spiritual beliefs, creation vs evolution, dreams & visions, signs & wonders, miracles & healing, and anything anyone wishes to discuss.

The group is hosted and moderated by a Jewish Christian, who has authored a book called "What Language does God Speak?" about how anyone can tune in to hear God in their own language. As a typical Jew, he has always been interested in intellectually-stimulating discussions and arguing or debating either side of an issue to get to the bottom of it and discover truth, whatever that may be. As a Christian, he is knowledgable about the Bible, but also is highly interested in science and physics and understands that there is more "out there" and desires to understand the universe in the context of spirituality. There are many unanswered questions, so lets discuss them.

People from many beliefs and faiths have joined and attended, and we will make every effort to accept, tolerate and encourage those with differing opinions to coexist in our mutual desire to find truth. You don't have to believe a certain way or belong to any denomination, or even go to church. We just want to grow in knowledge and understanding by everyone sharing their own particular experiences, knowledge and perspective in the same way Picasso, Dali and Matisse each presented their individual and diverse perceptions of the world; or that Hemingway, Stein and Fitzgerald all had various styles and subjects; yet each of them still enriched the public through their own personal angles of observation.

We want this group to be the "spiritual" Midnight in Paris. The moderator is non-denominational and will not pressure anyone into believing a certain way. As a group we all agree to disagree at times and to not "convert" others to our beliefs. Truth can stand on its own. We just want people who have a brain and a desire for truth and an open mind to have a comfortable place to come, share, discuss, learn and contribute your unique insight for the benefit of all, so we can inspire each other to greatness. We may even pray for and minister to any who wishes it, including for emotional or physical healing, which the moderator and many of the members have personally participated in and has seen many examples of miraculous healing. No pressure though, boundaries will be respected. Let's see the Kardashians try and keep up with US damn it!

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