What we're about

An empathetic, intentional community of co-workers, creatives, thinkers, and doers. Willing to work any hour of the day because we love the grind.

Plan to meet regularly at uncommon hours (nights and weekends).

High-level themes:

• No self-promotion. Period. (Unless asked)

• Empathy, honesty, respect


Creating a group like this is a life goal of mine.

But this isn't about me.

Over the years, I've talked to thousands of driven entrepreneurs, passionate startups, and all-around hustlers and asked what would help them accomplish their goals.

A few common answers...

Being around others with similar mindsets.

Sticking to goals, routines, etc. and helping others do the same.

Humility and transparency. Being open about struggles and shortcomings. Not pretending they've made it.

Seeing first hand they're not alone. That there are others like them, pursuing an entrepreneurial lifestyle instead of the paved path.

That being said...

This meetup is only for a specific type of person.

It's focused on quality over quantity.

This meetup is NOT for you if you want to...

• Network and build your business card collection

• Promote yourself or your project in any way

• Find people to join your project

If any of those sound like you, there are countless other great meetups to attend.

This meetup IS for you if...

• Your ideal Friday night includes working towards your dreams. When most people aren't.

• You provide value before asking for it

• You care about "why" people do things, not just what they have

• You want to co-work and share your experience with like-minded, empathetic people

Sound like you? If so...

I need your help.

To make this meetup as intentional and helpful as possible, send me a private message with your feedback.

A few ideas...

• What do you want to get out of this group?

• What sort of events would you like to see?

• Are you interested in helping organize?

Finally, a couple things I have planned...

• Late night co-working meetup

• Talks from very successful business owners about the ups and downs of their journeys

P.S. If you know anyone that'd be a good fit for this group, it'd mean a lot to me if you shared it with them.

- Rustin

Past events (1)

Co-working & mastermind

WeWork One Culver (Room 6D)

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