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Hello! I decided to start this group after I saw the last montrose/midtown group was callously abandoned! :(

I think having meetups with people who live relatively close to each other and the location they're meeting at would be nice, so after noticing no group activity at the last Midtown Group I decided to start this one!

When? Most of our events would be in the evenings and/or weekends, so we can attempt to work around everyones schedules, either once a week or as rare as once a month.

Where? Midtown and Montrose area would be our main focus, but I would like to have some meetups in the Washington Corridor, or Rice Village or the Museum District as well (99% INSIDE the loop)

Who? This group is open to anyone 21+ but under 40 that is interested in making new friends in their area! Whether you're single looking for singles, or a couple looking for couples! (or neither!)
The under forty "limit" was put in place when several 20 something girls made it known to me (through the last montrose meetup group) that older 40+ men have come to meetups and hit on them and made them uncomfortable, which is why I'm guessing they implemented the 35 limit...
I'm figuring an age range of about <20 years should work just fine :D

What kind of meeetups? Happy Hours, Dining, Movies, Wine Tasting, member hosted Parties, BBQ’s, Bowling, Sports Events, Outdoor Concerts, Free Events, Festivals

Your suggestions for meet-ups and events are very welcome here and if you would be interested in hosting an event, even better! Just let us know! :)

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Warehouse 72 - Post Work Happy Hour

Warehouse 72

A neat little all American 🇺🇸 restaurant just outside the loop… We will have outdoor patio for ourselves and all night happy hour prices! Plus we are gonna be fancy! (see the photos for “social hour menu” we will have all night!)

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Back to the Future: 5k Members Party

Bar Boheme

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