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Welcome to the Midweek Hiking Meetup Group.

As the name implies, hikes will be offered only on weekdays, never on Saturdays or Sundays. If you are retired (like me), have some weekdays off, or just get sick a lot on sunny work days, then this is the group for you.

I will concentrate on day-hikes in the Cascade Mountains along the I-90 corridor and also Mt. Rainier. These areas are way too crowded on weekends and are best enjoyed in the relative peace and quiet of a weekday.

These hikes will be mostly moderate, but at a social pace of 2 mph with a few short breaks. Mileage will be 4-8 miles with 1,000-4,000 feet elevation gain. The destination will usually be a peak or ridge-top, but sometimes just a lake. I especially like to do loop and one-way hikes.

You should be in good shape, able to average 2 mph uphill while gaining 1,000-1,500 feet per hour. You should reconsider signing up if this is your first hike this summer.

There will be no climbing, no scrambling, just hiking on established trails - but maybe a short rough boot path here and there. I am very familiar with these areas and I will have done almost every hike before, usually many times.

All hikers should be properly equipped for the conditions. No blue jeans or tennis shoes please. Always bring your 10 Essentials. NO CHILDREN UNDER 18.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional guide and do not have certified training or insurance. As you are aware, inherent hazards and risks are associated with hiking and all other physical activity. You are responsible for your own safety and health. I am not in charge of this hike, I’m merely going on a hike myself and inviting others to join me.

Your Organizer,
Ed K

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