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This is a peer-run support group for those suffering from dependency to benzodiazepines aka "benzos" (Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, Valium, etc) and sleeping pills (Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata, etc) This group is loosely based on the recommendations of Professor Heather Ashton who wrote the sentinel guidelines in her manual "How Benzodiazepines Work and How to Taper off of Them". You can read the Ashton Manual here: . While some have had success with Ashton, others prefer to reduce more slowly. As Ashton points out in her manual, medical detox facilities or going "cold turkey" by yourself is generally not recommended for those who have been on benzos "long term" (depending on how sensitive you are, this can mean a matter of weeks or months). No medical advice will be given, but we will be sharing our own experience throughout our respective journeys to become benzo-free.

Anyone is free to join, whether on benzos seeking to become free, tapering, or even those off the drug just wanting support. Many of our group members may be tapering, but if you have been cold turkey'd off your medication , there is no reason not to join.

So far we have met only on Skype, as this is most convenient for some of our members and takes the pressure off. It is also nice to see someone face to face.

Please, if you are hurting, or even if you just think some support would be nice, consider joining this group!! The more people we have, the stronger we are!

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