Midwest GovTech Meetup: December

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Join us for the second Midwest GovTech Meetup. The inaugural event brought together over 60 industry leaders for a candid conversation about what's working and how to work together.

We are excited to welcome George Burciaga, Founder and CEO of IGNITE CITIES. George has enjoyed tremendous success in the GovTech space, here's some background:

George launched elevate DIGITAL in 2012, a software firm positioned to transform citizen engagement at street-level with its “Citizen Mobility Experience”; a platform connecting devices, processes, data and messaging across SMART Cities. The platform engages users by touch, Wi-Fi, mobility, sensoring, and enables cities to become efficient and sustainable by connecting everyone. Burciaga successfully raised $18 million for elevate and was acquired by CIVIQ Smartscapes in 2016, the industry and global leader within IoT and SMART City technology.

In 2018, IGNITE CITIES was launched. A global consulting practice designed to architect relationships with Mayors, CIO's and leading tech firms. IGNITE is redefining the connected city focus and developing solution that scale, replicate and are profitable. Profitability is offered as new revenue, measurable efficiencies and sustainability after deployment.

The government technology (GovTech) market is valued at over $400B. That’s because government does everything ranging from paving the streets to collecting taxes — and all of that requires technology. Many technology entrepreneurs are now tackling this vitally important industry, with all its unique challenges and opportunities. And more and more every day. The GovTech industry is on fire.

The GovTech Meetup is a chance for the industry to come together to share what new, what’s hard, and what we can do together. At each event you’ll get overviews from thought leaders on the state of the field and exclusive access to product announcements from GovTech startups. This is designed to spark discussion for attendees — GovTech entrepreneurs, city leaders, and area experts — on what’s next for the industry.

The event is hosted without agenda but kindly by Microsoft, Marketplace.city, and Ethoslabs.us.