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DFINITY Stiftung ('Foundation') is a Swiss not-for-profit with research centers in Palto Alto and Zurich that is building the first public, decentralized cloud computing platform. A new kind of world computer with transformative global, economic, and social impact, we are democratizing access to a performant, tamperproof, infinitely scalable, distributed computing system.

Looking forward to seeing all of you and keep up to date with the latest through our community channels!

RocketChat ( http://dfinity.rocket.chat )

DFINITY Telegram Channel ( http://t.me/dfinity )

Twitter ( http://twitter.com/dfinity )

DFINITY Blog ( http://medium.com/dfinity )

Inside DFINITY Youtube Series ( https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuhDt1vhGcrei3pfj8sDr0ewA64PxxT4m )

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Sodium Launch Event

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Tungsten Launch Event

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BYOP: Getting your app Tungsten ready!

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