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We play multi-player strategy board games, generally games that involve politics, economics and warfare strategies. This includes fantasy, science fiction and historical strategy games. We are open to other games but we are typically not a euro nor an 18xx game group.

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Twilight Imperium 4thEd + PoK - TLW - RAW game

Needs a location

Twilight Imperium 4thEd + Prophecy of Kings expansion. RAW game, TLW (RAW optional rule).

Rulebooks are available for free download here:

We gladly encourage new players, inexperienced players (we are a fun group!), however, since this is a fairly complex and long game, please ensure, if you are a new / inexperienced player, that are familiar with the following BEFORE game day:
A. Know what a command token is, and what it does
B. Know the difference between a command token's fleet-side, and its non-fleet-side
C. Know the difference between a resource, a trade good, and influence
D. Know what a Strategic action is, what a Tactical action is, and what a component action is
E. Familiarize yourself with the units in the game (Cruiser, Destroyer, Carrier, Infantry, Mechs, etc)

Please bring one snack to share with everyone else, we eat while we play.


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