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Hi, We’re Annie and David!

Although there are many great meetups in London for people who like board games, they tend towards either having a "drop in, drop out, get lots of people to turn up" atmosphere (which can be a bit nerve-wracking) or everyone knowing each other and seeming a bit "cliquey". This group was founded in February 2016 to solve that problem. We're a group for people who want to play mostly euro-style/strategy board games with just 2-6 people at each session in an environment that is safe, inclusive and welcoming.


Nobody wants to read a long list of rules for a group that is meant to be about having fun, so we’ve done our best to squeeze all our previous rules into a neat list of just ten, with an explanation for why each one exists.

If you can’t see them but you’re about to ask to join, Rule 10 says you have to use your real name and photo to join the group. Rule 7 says you have to visit the meetup group page every 2-3 months to stay active, but you don’t need to attend meetups that frequently

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