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Game Day! Hosted by Brian Barnstable
Command & Colors, Memoir '44, Axis & Allies, and some of the Avalon Hill 'library' games can be played upstairs or in the downstairs game-room. This is a recurring Saturday afternoon event every 2 weeks. We play various board games and miniatures games, on a rotating basis, including several of the Milton Bradley 'classic' war strategy games, and other unrelated board games. Party games like cards against Humanity and Werewolf "One Night" are usually played later in the day as more people arrive. Feel free to bring your favorite game alon, but if planning Axis & Allies or Diplomacy then indicate in meetup comments section so we can line up the players wishing to play and a start time.

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Looking for anyone who loves to get together to play military themed board games. This would include games like Richthofen's War, Axis and Allies and its many variants, Memoir '44, Battle Cry, Risk, D-Day Dice, Command and Colors (Ancients) and any others people can bring.

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