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This group is for those wanting to enter the military and get in shape doing military style workouts and for those that just want to get a kick out of doing military workouts. Anyone can join. I will be doing mostly burnout workouts. So be prepared to be exhausted. Bring something to drink like water as you will need to hydrate in this heat. Lots of pushups, jumping jacks, sprints, bear crawls, flutter kicks, you get the idea. I am a former member of the U.S Army. My MOS was 37F or Psychological Operations. I was part of the Special Ops community. So i'll know a few things about burning you out the right way. Trying to prevent injury. I won't be screaming in your face so do not worry about that. I am not a drill instructor. More like a workout motivator. I also need to get back in shape, so why not do it with a group of motivated individuals?

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First Military workout meetup..."Hell Week"

Balboa Sports Center

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