What we're about

This is a friendly and competitive soccer group. Players of all skill levels are welcome. Casual fun games. Generally we play indoor on weekday evenings. The cost for the field rental will be shared among the players. Some rules:

1. No slide tackles
2. Respectful play and No aggressive behavior
3. Have fun

Our main locations will be:

1. Sports Academy Millburn
2. Union Sports Arena

If we get 15 or more than 15 players we will play as 3 teams 5 on 5 ( or so) with 7 minute games. The winning team will continue (draw then coin toss) but can only 2 games in a row. So every team has to sit after 2 games no matter what.

Past events (6)

Union Sports Arena 8-9 ( 150/ # of players)

Needs a location

Union Sports Arena 9-10 (12$)

Union Sports Arena

Wednesday Armory 8-9 pm ($15)

West Orange National Guard Armory

Tuesday Union Sports Arena 9-10 pm ($12.50)

Union Sports Arena


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