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Dartmoor is a fantastic open space, with challenging hikes, great scenery and wildlife. This group is about taking advantage of it, making new friends, and in contrast with most other hiking groups in the area, we focus on younger members with the age range implied by the group name (essentially 20's & 30's only).

The reason for this is so that when you come along to our events, you'll typically meet like minded people at a similar stage in their life. There are plenty of other groups catering for a wider age range, and a fair few of our members go to them too!

We plan regular (and typically circular) walks with an average length of around 10 miles (15 km), often try to include a café/pub stop at the end (Covid permitting!) and may start occasionally branching out for things like wild camps and stargazing evenings - but these will be more ad-hoc and are likely to be limited in the number of attendees.

Just a few things to note:

• Please read the description on each of the events; our walks are more involved than a typical "park and walk to the top of a tor" type of visit. The routes vary in difficulty/terrain, are often not on marked paths, cross open moorland and some could include several hundred metres of climbing and moderate scrambling between rocks.

• You should should come with appropriate clothing for hiking (i.e. not jeans!) and have good quality waterproof boots - all walks could include areas of damp ground and, in wetter conditions, gaiters are advisable. An extra jumper/fleece in your rucksack is also a good idea, as conditions can deteriorate rapidly on the moor.

• Dartmoor has many bogs/streams/rivers and can be wet underfoot even on fair weather days. If the description mentions a river crossing, this often involves jumping it.

• Start times are the point at which we plan to start walking, so try to arrive a little beforehand, as we'll often be aiming to get somewhere for a lunch stop.

• We will wait for people who may be a little slower on the hills but a certain level of fitness is expected.

• Finish times on our events are more of a guide, and we don't guarantee them, the walks can (and often do) take longer than expected.

• If you don't have a car, particularly if you haven't been before, don't be shy and shout out for a lift share; if you live in Exeter and Plymouth, there's almost certainly someone driving from these places.

• In summer/spring don't forget sun tan lotion and inspect repellent.

• We are not trained walk leaders/guides and you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

Hope to see you on a walk soon!

Upcoming events (5)

Exmoor walk

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Taking the group 'on tor' up to Exmoor for a change!

This is a stunning route that truly has a bit of everything in it. A real mix of moorland, impressive views, coastal path, country lanes, woodland, and potentially even a beach!

The route is approximately 9.5 miles, with a couple of climbs spread throughout, but always with a good view at the top!

As always we'll stop for lunch somewhere along the route.

The terrain is varied, but on the whole pretty firm underfoot, unlikely to be anything like the bogs on Dartmoor, but there may be the odd muddy patch if we've had some rain.

It's not a huge car park, but if everyone parks sensibly we should all be able to get in, particularly if people are willing to car share (feel free to arrange lifts in the comments)

For google maps directions use this pin: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/51%C2%B012'53.7%22N+3%C2%B057'20.7%22W/@51.2172909,-3.952653,1463m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d51.2149132!4d-3.9557381

Route details: https://out.ac/uXVHT

Cox & Great Staple Tor circle


This will be an 9ish mile walk, where we'll visit:
Little, Middle & Great staple Tors
Roos Tor,
The Langstone standing stone (if we can find it)
White Tor
Stephen's grave
Beckamoor Dip
Cox Tor - which from the top (if the weather behaves) gives an amazing view back towards Plymouth
Feather Tor
and finally, Pew Tor

Pretty standard dartmoor terrain on this one, expect to be walking off the beaten path, boggy stretches, and a river to cross - how ticky all of that will be will depend on the weather - I'll post an update a few days before

Route details: https://out.ac/mOmpv

After the walk, optional food/drink at the Dartmoor Inn at Merrivale, or an Ice cream at pork hill car park depending what people fancy!

The pin should be in the right spot, but for google maps directions, use this:

Avon dam to Red Lake (+ optional wild swim!)

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This is a ~9 mile walk, to one of my all time favourite spots on Dartmoor! & also a route request from a recent walk! :)

We'll set off from the Avon Dam car park & follow the touristy track up to the dam, and then around the reservoir. From there we follow the river Avon for a while, before crossing it on a clapper bridge and then climbing onto the moor, where we pick up the old tramway, all the way to Red lake, where we'll have lunch, and anyone brave/crazy enough can have a wild swim :)

On the way back it's almost the reverse route, but rather than the tramway, we'll follow the river Avon a little more closely, all the way back to the dam.

Note, there is no phone signal in the car park, so we won't be able to see any messages or last minute RSVPs, until we've set off and climbed up onto the moor, so extra important to keep RSVPs up to date!
The car park is also popular and fills up quickly after 10am, so important to arrive promptly to this one.

Fernworthy, historic sites & the north moor

Fernworthy Reservoir

This is a slightly longer than usual route, at ~14 miles, but it's so worth it, taking us on a stretch of the path around the reservoir, (which gives some of the best views), before then passing many historic sites on the way up to the high moor, and the appropriately named Wild Tor, which (on a good day) being essentially in the middle of the North moor, has panoramic views all around - Ideal spot for lunch!

We'll then follow the ridge line back towards Hangingstone hill and onwards, crossing a river, to Sittaford tor, before heading back through the forest, past another stone circle & row, on the way back to the cars.

The route includes a number of stone circles, stone rows, standing stones, clapper bridges, and memorial stones, so loads of interesting stuff!

There are however boggy, muddy and wet patches in the middle section of this route (especially if it's been raining in the preceding days) when we are furthest from the cars, and also the river crossing about 3/4 of the way round, so, I'd strongly advise good footwear, & possibly gaiters too.
Also worth noting we will finish later than usual on this one.

The map pin should be in the right spot, but use this for google maps directions: https://goo.gl/maps/jvZgdQQnFvppsXjSA
Note: This is a pay & display car park so, bring some change!

Also, the roads out to Fernworthy last time I drove them were absolutely littered with deep potholes, so take them slowly!

Approximate route details: https://out.ac/wzZcc

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Princetown Railway Loop

National Park Visitor Centre, Princetown

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