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This is where to go to get your questions answered about everything MONEY. The Millennial Money Academy was established to provide a safe environment to learn about all of the things we should have been taught in school about financial matters, but were not. In addition, we will expose the hidden costs of qualified plans, (401K, IRA, SEP, 403b, etc.), insurance, mutual funds, auto financing, as well as taxes and interest. Learn how to manage student loans and how to get the highest and best use for your money.

This group is open to all who wish to empower themselves, using strategies that protect and grow their money, regardless of the economic cycles or political environment of the moment. These strategies work in boom or bust economies, assuring what you want to happen, will happen.

Someone will be in control of your money. It should be you.

"It is the masses that determine the course of history, but the initial movement must start with the individual." - How Privatized Banking Really Works

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