What we're about

I'm not interested in producing average shoots for average photographers. I'm interested in producing extraordinary shoots for extraordinary photographers.

I'm interested in working with the best of the best models and stylists/makeup artists and I refuse to work with subpar models, MUAs, or less-than-world-class venues in order to turn a profit.

I do it because I want to create a world-class experience for photographers all across the US who want to shoot every week with top models in top venues

For most of my life, I sat quietly on the sidelines, and did what my parents, teachers, and colleagues told me to do and I obeyed - and I was miserable and depressed.

Then, in 2014, when I was 25 years old, my dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

And, it made me re-evaluate how I was living and what I was doing..

And, I made a choice to live a life that was aligned with my passions, my strengths and my philosophy.

I've dealt with a lot of bullshit and obstacles in order for this to happen. I've lived in fear - fear of failure, fear of financial loss, fear of the unknown.

And, I've lived a truly extraordinary life because of Expressions Glamour Club and the extraordinary models, photographers, designers and MUAs I've had the privilege of working with and becoming great friends with.

Here's some footage from our most recent shoots I want to share with you:

http://expressionsglamourclub.com/videos (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fexpressionsglamourclub.com%2Fvideos%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3He4XcB2HtCsIprzKZ7aSz8LHrWltocgr0snEjRo0eFj6tmvBPKDQ4SS8&h=AT0a6Oiwz_DmSWnqkX2LdfbxE8sGaKYscmg9sdMF4MzRdkGF9lAn8mGEmDGrlttRmJw4EzPGM-l67PgK-jFgpD7ydcWhthwwSN0mdK5oRcrFVpa7_FLRJrnwxmdnmbd3ANWEmVgisbb2OYesXYh_)

If you are interested in shooting with us, please PM message me for details.

This group is for people who want to do the impossible and make a difference despite what people around them will say.

If you are one of these people, I look forward to meeting and shooting with you soon

Yours Truly,


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