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Millionaire minded Chicago is a supportive community consisting of very successful and motivated individuals. This group is made up of entrepreneurs, internet business & marketers, consultants, salespeople, business leaders, startup businesses and anyone else who considers themselves 'millionaire minded'!

This group is for anyone who is looking for extra support and accountability in their life with regards to business, leadership, entrepreneurship, communication skills and personal development...

Every week we come together to talk about the questions most of us millionaires-in-training have in the back of our minds but don't act on.

How do you start a home based business?

Do you know all 450 tax deductions?

How do you minimize travel expenses? How can I get physically fit at home? How is your credit score? Is it poor, average or good? What tools do you have in place to help you with all of these things?

Millionaire Minded is more than just a wealth mindset, it's a health mindset- we want each of our members to become strong mentally, physically, and financially. We are all about personal growth and self development with a mission to inspire, educate and provide opportunities. We want to collectively share our ideas on how to achieve a better way of life without compromising the way we currently make a living. We want to explore the “HOW TO's“: how to manage your income better, how to improve you credit score, show each other what we need to know about traveling on a budget or even how to create and stick to a fitness plan! But most importantly this meet up group is designed to surround you with people who can help you create a culture that will drive you towards success.

Every once in awhile, an opportunity comes along for you to surround yourself with people who will encourage and support you.

This meet-up is focused on sharing and showing people how to enhance their overall quality of life by learning valuable financial and psychological skills and how to apply them to explode your influence and impact your life.

These meetup events will soon fill up with inspirational, encouraging, and uplifting people.

And they will come together to share advice, support and encouragement.

All of our events are incredibly high quality, put together by people who I know and respect. You can’t go wrong with attending any of them.

Years from now, will you look back and say “I’m glad I made the decision to join”?

Or will you look back and say “I wish I could have been a fly on the wall”?

Will you say, "I wish I could have hung out with that group"?

It’s time to decide.

- Millionaire Minded

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💫Learn the secrets of the wealthy!💫

Needs a location

💫Cashflow Workshop💫

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💫Cashflow Workshop💫

Needs a location

💫Cashflow Workshop💫

Needs a location

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