What we're about

This Meetup is for aspiring millionaires and entrepreneurs that currently have ideas and goals, but might lack the clarity, action and resources to execute them.

Who should join?

If any of the following describe you, you are in the right place. If you currently have a (Million dollar) business or investment idea and:

1) Your idea/plan is vague and lacks clarity.

2) You are now unsure where to start and what the next action steps are.

3) You are at point where you need more resources (leverage) to truly move you forward.

4) You wish to learn proven roadmaps and tools of successful local millionaires that are brought into speak at each meeting .

An Aspiring Millionaire will:

1) Have a strong desire to become not only successful but WEALTHY.

Even though all success should be celebrated - this meet up is charted with the idea of accomplishing large feats. So please make sure your thoughts / words / actions are truly aligned with this core premise if you think you are interested in joining this group.

2) Have a willingness to be BRAVE. Everyone is busy and everyone faces obstacles. Success requires that we move forward in the face of fear or doubt. Winners win. Others find "reasons" that it didn't happen.

3) Understand LEVERAGE- in all aspects of business (Human Capital, Money, Time, Energy, Will Power), and refuse to live a lifestyle of trading time for dollars that most of society is accustom to.

4) Have a willingness to PARTICIPATE and foster this community outside of a meeting every month or so. Pay it forward. If you can mentor or teach a fellow member something to move them closer to their goal, please do. We will have a special acknowledgment for those of you who do.


At each meeting - we will allow you to give a short pitch and present the ONE THING that is the biggest challenge you are looking to over come, as well as share the Best HACK that you have implemented in the last 30 days to help you gain leverage in achieving your Millionaire Goal. After open networking is through, we will have a local self-made millionaire share with us their journey - including the action items, tools and "ah-ha" moments that made these individuals successful.

If it is true we are only as good as the people we fraternize with around most - lets make it a goal to hang around success. Let's share the tools and strategies that help us grow with the least amount of time and greatest amount of effectiveness.

Other business 1:

This is not a place for selling your products or services - this is a place for sharing ideas, struggles and success. Anyone here with the primary intent "Selling" something will removed from the group.

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